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  • Visa is showing its new brand identity and network of opportunities
  • The online program “My business. My future”. supports local entrepreneurs in digitization
  • Free news articles, podcasts, webinars and white papers

Technology, financial knowledge, communication – these are the three pillars on which the new online program “My business. My future”. by Visa in collaboration with OMR. Together, they want to enable local small business owners to enter a digital and successful future. The educational program will appear online on May 4, 2022 and is available to entrepreneurs free of charge.

Interested traders, self-employed people, start-ups and founders can expect content on the learning platform that will explain the possibilities of digitization in an understandable way and make their company ready for the future. “Together with our partner OMR, this year we want to help even more independent SMBs in their digital journey by connecting them with the resources and partners they need so that financial literacy and communication can grow and be successful,” says Merle Meier -Holsten, Head of Marketing, Central Europe at Visa, summarizing the purpose of the program.

Formats include podcasts and news posts, webinars and white papers, presented by experts in the field of online markets, financial knowledge and trends, acceptance of digital payments, cash register systems and company accounts, as well as business banking, accounting and tax services – specializes in small businesses , start-ups and self-employed people.

Jürgen Schübel, Head of Merchants Solutions & Acceptance Central Europe at Visa, who watches market developments, knows how important it is to follow the times: “In a world where transactions are switching from cash to cards and digital devices are changing, customers value speed, security and convenience when making payments and expect effortless every interaction with the brand. ”

Access to a network of opportunities

Visa is committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses transition to digital technology in the long term. “My business. My future”. it is an important step in this direction. “We don’t just want to provide tools and collaboration – Visa sees itself as an equal partner for small business owners. Because we believe they are unstoppable if you encourage them to be unique and include them in a network of possibilities! stand on their side in the long run and would like to encourage them to continue on their way, ”emphasizes Merle Meier-Holsten.

Over 100 partners from across Europe have joined the Visa initiative since 2020 to help small businesses build digital skills. The partnership with OMR is another step in Visa’s plan to support a total of eight million small businesses in Europe – and 50 million businesses worldwide – to digitize and prepare for the future. OMR Founder and Managing Director, Philipp Westermeyer, made a conscious decision to collaborate: “We are extremely proud to have the global Visa brand name as a partner. Visa aims to support people in developing their own business and inspire them to continue training and connecting. These are almost one-to-one themes and goals of the OMR, there is an ideal constellation in this regard.

Register in “My business. My future”.

Entrepreneurs can register in “My company. My future”. Register at www.meinzukunft.de and choose your topics of interest from May to August 2022. As Visa wants as many people as possible to access its network, the entire program is free.


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