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Barbara Schöneberger and Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt welcome the following guests to the NDR Talk Show from Hamburg:

Ina Müller, singer and presenter

On as many stages as possible, Ina Müller will present her new album “55” live.

For 15 years she has been moderating her unique ARD-NDR program “Inas Nacht”, for which she has not only been showered with awards, including the German Television Award, the German Comedy Award and the Grimme Award, but is also loved by millions: moderator and singer Ina Müller. He comes from a village in the far north in his native language: Low German. To this day, he only speaks with his family in Platt, dreams in German, and from time to time the 56-year-old also sings in Platt. From October 2022, Ina Müller will be on tour again with her band. In keeping with the title of her album “55”, the exceptional artist performs in 55 cities. In the NDR Talk Show, Ina Müller gives a taste of her musical skills on stage and reveals which meetings with “Iny’s Night” she remembers in particular.

Elyas M’Barek, actor

Actor Elyas M'Barek.  © Uwe Ernst

Elyas M’Barek stars in the comedy “Love Things”.

In 2006, he made a breakthrough as an actor on the ARD series “Turkish for Beginners”. His role as former petty criminal and would-be teacher Zeki Müller in “Fack ju Göhte” finally made him a superstar in 2013: Elyas M’Barek. In July, the comedy “Liebesdings” with him in the lead role hits theaters. Successful author and director Anika Decker tells a turbulent love story about a famous actor escaping the media and his own past that turns his life upside down. Elyas M’Barek tells the NDR Talk Show what his life is like as a celebrity and how he lived his 40th birthday at the end of May.

Ranga Yogeshwar, science journalist

Science journalist and presenter Ranga Yogeshwar as a guest on the NDR Talk Show on March 9, 2018 © NDR / Uwe Ernst Photo: Uwe Ernst

As a science journalist, Ranga Yogeshwar wants to express his enthusiasm for science and technology and therefore supports the Ideas Expo in Hanover.

Ranga Yogeshwar, a qualified physicist and science journalist, has been explaining the world in a knowledgeable and entertaining manner for many years. One of his greatest concerns: awakening young people’s interest in science. Therefore, this year he got involved in IdeasExpo again. Europe’s largest youth event dedicated to technology and life sciences will take place under the slogan “Just do it” from 2 to 10 July 2022 at the Hanover exhibition center. Young scientists, young professionals and students meet there to exchange ideas. We also provide entertainment and parties. He tells the NDR Talk Show how Ranga Yogeshwar supports the event.

Motsi Mabuse, dancer and juror

Motsi dancer Mabuse as a guest at the NDR Talk Show on July 14, 2017 © NDR / Uwe Ernst Photo: Uwe Ernst

Multiple world champion in Latin American dances, Motsi Mabuse, for many years was a juror in the RTL dance show “Let’s Dance”.

He lives dancing, has a fever, suffers and has been a juror since 2011, when candidates dance from one episode to the next in the RTL dance show “Let’s Dance”. Motsi Mabuse was born in South Africa and after moving to Germany he won the world title in Latin American dances several times. She studied law, but then decided to pursue a professional dancer career, which she ended in 2014. He has a daughter with his ex-dance partner and current husband, Yevgeny Vozniuk, and runs a dance school with him. Motsi Mabuse tells the NDR Talk Show what else is in her life between the jury chairs and the dance floor.

Martin Brambach, actor and writer

Actor Martin Brambach © NDR Fernsehen / Uwe Ernst

Actor Martin Brambach loves the Ruhr and gives tips for discovery tours in the countryside.

Actor Martin Brambach was born in Dresden, but his true love is his adoptive home, the Ruhr. He has been living there for 17 years and this is also where his career as a character actor was born. In 1985 he enrolled at the Westfalen Theater School in Bochum, and from 1986 to 1999 he worked in Bochum, Cologne and the Burgtheater in Vienna. In his book “Nice to meet you, Ruhrgebiet”, he invites you on a journey of discovery through an often misunderstood region. On the NDR Talk Show, the 54-year-old gives tips for discovery tours in North Rhine-Westphalia and explains why the Ruhr is now a green travel paradise.

Marianus von Hörsten, cook and restaurateur

Marianus von Hörsten © Volker Renner Photo: Volker Renner

Marianus von Hörsten grew up in a sustainable agricultural environment, and as a chef and restaurateur, he places great importance on regional and seasonal food.

He grew up on his parents’ Demeter farm in Nordheide near Buchholz. Marianus von Hörsten experienced sustainable farm management from an early age and was taught to value food. It shapes his life to this day. But now the 30-year-old always had his own opinion. He dropped out of high school and went on a trip to Africa instead. He also took up cooking more or less by accident. But soon he was collecting prizes and awards. In autumn 2019, he made his dream come true and, together with his colleagues, opened the “Klinker” restaurant in Hamburg. The restaurateur tells the NDR Talk Show why it advertises regional and seasonal food and how its youth shaped it.

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