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Bitcoin faces an uphill battle, market commentary by Alex Wehnert

Frankfurt (ots) – After the turmoil of the last few weeks, the cryptocurrency market is working

the deceptive calm returned. This is how the leading cyber currency Bitcoin has climbed

after their recent withdrawal to just under $ 26,000 – which is the lowest

As of the end of 2020 – sometimes at the end of the trading week

back over $ 30,000. But among the participants

international financial markets hold back in the face of geopolitical and

macroeconomic uncertainty, stubborn risk aversion, in particular

obscuring the outlook for cryptocurrencies. Because cyber currencies are amazing

are a risky investment, the collapse of the TerraUSD stablecoin (UST)

investors’ attention was drawn.

The UST was supposed to ensure value stability, but lost its peg with the dollar

fully. Because the organization behind the stablecoin has large reserves of bitcoin

and he had to take advantage of it to inject fluidity into his own system

the leading cryptocurrency is also under pressure. Meanwhile, society

presented a blockchain recovery plan in which:

He should be buried during the UST.

However, investors were concerned that there would be others as well

Tokens designed to retain their value lead to distortions and ultimately to

The entire digital content market could crash. Because investors take advantage of it

Stablecoins to secure your profits from trading cryptocurrencies without leaving the realm

cyber currencies to the world of fiat currencies. Next

is the leading Tether stablecoin on daily trading volumes which are those of

far outweigh bitcoin. So stable value tokens are definitely there

systemically important for the digital asset segment.

In this context, there is a huge influx of investors in the cryptocurrency market

become a problem. According to Wisdom Tree’s asset manager, 2021 alone is

more venture capital influenced new protocols and decentralized applications

than in the previous six years combined.

However, these new technologies and the companies behind them have never met

they must prove themselves in an extremely hostile environment. Due to their lack

resilience, and therefore more prone to failure than existing systems. and

precisely because the digital asset segment grew so fast, so did they

market distortions are constantly increasing.

In the case of supposedly stable crypto assets like Bitcoin, the entry became

broader groups of investors, but also as a direct burden. Next

Institutional investors trade as opposed to cryptocurrency traders

the first hour is not ideological, but adjust your positions accordingly

Risk appetite. It is currently traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)

visible. Open interest in bitcoin long futures is one of the largest in the world

There is an exchange of futures contracts which is considered an indicator of institutional exposure

fell sharply. In the asset managers category, it was mid-April

according to the analysis of Commodities Futures Trading Commission reports

by data provider The Block $ 1.3 billion. May 10 – day in the day

when the US disaster struck, it was still $ 890 million.

However, in historical comparison, this is an extremely high value. So there it is

there is still a risk of failure in the coming weeks and months if

investor sentiment related to overcast economic outlook i

a more restrictive monetary policy deteriorated further. Besides, there should be one

increased regulatory pressure in response to recent

The Stablecoin crash that is already coming in the UK. FROM

a close-knit community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, known by cyberdevision as

currency of the future and we always try to support the rates,

So there should be a tough fight ahead of us.

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