PS5 Ticker: The Situation on PlayStation 5 May 5, 2022.

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After a few small to medium drops, it may take several weeks before you can buy the PS5 again.

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The most important news on PlayStation 5:

Our readers’ current favorite PS5 games:

  1. Gran Turismo 7 – to order*
  2. Ring of Elden – to order*
  3. Horizon: The Forbidden West – to order*
  4. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves – to order*
  5. GhostWire: Tokyo – to order*

PS5 + green energy + PS Plus + Horizon: Forbidden West - now with E as simple (ad)
PS5 + Green Power + PS Plus + Horizon: Forbidden West – now with E for Easy (ad)


All offers are valid while stocks last (early sale possible):

  • Amazon offer DualSense + controller Horizon: The Forbidden West for € 119.99
  • PS5 on Amazon only with Prime Try Amazon Prime free for 30 days
  • JBL Quantum gaming headsets – now especially cheap for Saturn
  • PlayStation 5 for free when purchasing selected Sony Bravia 4K TVs (only a few days!)
  • ECO POWER + PS5 PlayStation 5 with Horizon: The Forbidden West and 12 months of PlayStation Plus for an additional fee of 299 euros – now from “E knows SIMPLIFIED”.
  • DualSense controller in Nova Pink, Starlight Blue and Galactic Purple color – order now from Amazon, MediaMarkt, Saturn
  • Current market prices of PS5 on eBay
  • The most popular new PS5 games on Amazon

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May 5, 2022 (9:00 AM) update: You read over and over on social media: “PS5? Not worth it yet – no games anyway “. This is, of course, nonsense, the selection of games is gigantic, as evidenced by a look at PlayStation Store or Amazon *.

But what is true: Sony Interactive itself is regularly there with his pants down as the game material is simply lacking. Throughout the second half of 2021 – so later Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – there was no PS5 exclusive hit (unless you have a rank Kena: Ghost Bridge such as).

In order to Horizon: The Forbidden West (February) i Gran Turismo 7 After (March) there is a monthly lull again, as shown in the release list. The next big title from third-party publishers is F1 2022 July 1, then Saints Row in August.

To reduce the gaps between PS5 crackers, Sony Interactive wants (and must) urgently expand the studio’s capabilities. For this purpose, a top manager is sought to find potential candidates for takeover and prepare the purchase of the studio.

Message of May 5, 2022 (8:30 AM): Ordered Yesterday – Delivered Today: If everything is going “normal”, Amazon customers can get the PS5 Digital Edition * today.

While the unexpected drop can be nice: the “headline spoiler” has failed at this point – or Amazon’s product managers have come up with a little smoke screen. Because actually you had to assume that the reference “Prime members have priority access to PlayStation 5” for resale Horizon: The Forbidden West-Set * notes.

Basically, we recommend all Amazon customers to include the listed game consoles on your watch and wish list as it shortens the shopping cart process:

The “law of franchise” has always been in force in 2022: if Amazon sells, it’s on Wednesday. And: Nothing works without Prime. The news got a lot, but that point still turns out to be a “story stop” – for example, when families have several Amazon accounts but not all are linked to Prime.

If you study or practice, you can use Prime for free until Christmas. As the first six months are free *, there is a reduced tariff of € 3.99 (normal price: € 7.99) after that.

Our daily overview on eBay * lists nearly 770 consoles in their original packaging: with a little luck and patience, the digital version can cost anywhere from 550 to 600 euros, and the CD version can cost from 700 euros upwards.

When the retailer sold the PlayStation 5 from September 2021 (as of May 3, 2022)
When the retailer sold the PlayStation 5 from September 2021 (as of May 3, 2022)

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Buy PS5: Our watchlist for May 2022 (green = there were declines)

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