ROUNDUP / Aktien Frankfurt conclusion: Dax on the course to be recovered over 14,000 points | News

FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) – The German stock market continued the recovery from last Friday on Tuesday. The Dax (DAX 40) surged above the much-noted 14,000 point mark and closed 1.59 percent to 14,185.94 points. MDAX for Midsize Businesses rose 1.52 percent to 29,370.50 points.

“Although the stock market is not yet at its peak due to the uncertain economic future, potential sellers initially moved to the sidelines and watched the situation,” said analyst Konstantin Oldenburger of CMC Markets. “The question remains whether the market has actually experienced a final sell-off in order to truly declare the bottom of this cycle,” said Oldenburger.

Other leading European stock exchanges also recorded significant gains. At the close of the session, the EuroStoxx 50 (EURO STOXX 50) rose by 1.52 percent to 3,741.51 points. In Paris, the CAC 40 gained 1.3%, while in London the FTSE 100 increased by 0.7%. The New York Dow Jones Industrial index (Dow Jones 30 Industrial) rose 0.7 percent at the close in Europe.

In Germany, some companies provided business data. Truck manufacturer Daimler Truck was able to unexpectedly absorb the loads in the first quarter thanks to price increases. In fact, the business is going so smoothly that the group has increased its sales targets for this year despite supply problems and rising costs, and therefore sees better profit prospects. With a price increase of 6.5 percent, the share was Dax’s biggest winner, reaching its highest level since the end of February.

In the afternoon, the Allianz (Allianz) newspapers reacted somewhat positively to the news that Allianz Global Investors (AGI) had accepted a billion-euro settlement with the US authorities following investor lawsuits due to high losses. In total, Allianz will pay over $ 5 billion in settlements currently agreed in the US, the lion’s share of which will go to the affected major investors. According to the company, this amount is fully covered by provisions. Ultimately, Allianz grew by 1.7 percent.

Shares of the Adler Group (ADLER) in the SDAX small company index lost 12.5% ​​after gains in the meantime. After a company that faced serious allegations last year had to write down Consus Real Estate, now the same fate is facing the subsidiary Consus. The recent announcement that the audit firm KPMG is not available as an auditor has been a burden – it has already refused to certify business data in April.

Hornbach Holding’s (HORNBACH) shares, which have rebounded significantly recently, gained almost one percent according to final data. After a successful year, the company is becoming increasingly cautious. Hornbach, along with his hardware store chain, is one of Corona’s beneficiaries: during the blockades, people rediscovered their homes, so that during the Corona years a trend of beautifying and renovating their own home developed. The Group also benefited from the consistently high demand in the financial year 2021/22.

It searched for stocks of companies with internet-driven business models that have continued to recover over the past few days. At Dax, food supplier Delivery Hero and online clothing store Zalando were in the lead, with prices rising by 4.1 and 2.7 percent, respectively. At SDax, the online used car dealer AUTO1 and competitor Zalando ABOUT YOU rose 5.9 and 4.0 percent respectively.

The euro has risen significantly and has recently cost $ 1.0536. The European Central Bank (ECB) set the reference rate at USD 1.0541 in the afternoon.

The Rex bond index (the overall REX price index) fell 0.03 percent to 136.01 points. The current profitability has increased to 0.84 percent. from 0.83% the previous day. The future of the Bund lost 0.79 percent. up to 152.52 points / edh/he

— Eduard Holetic, dpa-AFX —

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