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Thanks to the new triple gymnasium, the possibilities of practicing school and club sports will be significantly increased. What actually happened to the schnitzel pit?

Thomas White

05/21/2022 | Status: 10:00

The construction of the new triple sports hall on Lindauer Straße was at the heart of the annual meeting of the sports club association Kempten on Wednesday at TSV Kottern. After all, in just three years, the dream of thousands of indoor athletes in Kempten will come true – if all goes well. See own report “The city presents plans for a triple sports hall”.

In addition, with the new hall, bottlenecks in school and club sports should be a thing of the past, President Hilde John said. However, she also pointed out that some of the sports halls (including the multi-gymnasium at the vocational school center and the Allgäu-Gymnasium rooms) are currently reserved for the initial admission of refugees.

mayor Tomasz Kiechle He noted that there are currently 25 sports halls in the city and six more are under construction: three at Lindauer Straße, two at the planned 10th primary school at Aybühlweg and another in Heiligkreuz. “This is where the real added value for sport is created,” emphasized Kiechle, who in his welcome speech also highlighted the consequences of the pandemic: “Thank you as club representatives and board members for keeping the store together in difficult times. Despite their failures, they could not be defeated. “

The annual sports sponsorship by the city of Kempten worth more than a million euros, as everyone knows, is irreplaceable. That is why the administration places particular emphasis on sport. In the so-called In the development plan, the city wants to position itself more professionally in sport, join forces and take into account trends. They were also asked for the opinion of 10,000. citizens. Following numerous workshops, the steering group has now drawn up numerous proposals which now have to be resolved at the political level. Even if the city is very involved in sports, it depends on the knowledge, help and volunteering of the clubs. Kiechle called the representatives: “You are irreplaceable for us. Our city would not be so peaceful if it were not for a wide range of sports activities. “

At the end of Pentecost, Cambodunum Cup again

Kempten will soon become a famous sports town again. After a two-year break, on June 17-19. On the initiative of the head of the sports department, Klaus Schwaninger, the junior football tournament for the Cambodunum Cup will be held again. The number of participants from 54 teams shows that the event has lost none of its attractiveness even after the pandemic.

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As reported, a 55-person delegation from Iceland will visit Kempten in June 2023 to get to know the country and its people before going to Berlin for the Special Olympics, the World Games for People with Mental Disabilities. “We will do everything we can to be a good host,” Kiechle said.

Hilde John had looked back on the most important topics of the city association before.

  • sports gala Due to the pandemic, the gala also had to be canceled in January 2022. He will now be caught up at Stadttheater on Saturday 30th July. Alternative outdoor solutions were once again rejected, because on the one hand it would be difficult to get the necessary equipment, and on the other hand, the traditional “dance” after the award at the outdoor event could not take place. This time, the most successful athletes of 2020 and 2021 will be honored. At the end of January next year, the regular 2023 gala will be held.
  • Cross-country skiing route in Esce With the support of the city, the slope was prepared by the lift operator so that the Kempten Ski Club could train on it regularly. This five-year scholarship will expire in 2022. Discussions continue before summer vacation. John put it somewhat vaguely: “If the answer is positive, the project can be further encouraged.”
  • Pump track, gymnastics and jumping line The city supports three fashionable projects. The pumping station near the DAV climbing tower in Engelhaldepark was very positively received when it opened last Saturday. A beach volleyball court will be built in the autumn in Engelhaldepark. At the end of June, a gymnasium and a fitness park are to be built on Lindenberg. And the newly founded club “Dirty Biker” is looking forward to the planned mountain biking jumping line in Bachtelweiher.
  • stone chip “What exactly happened to the Schnitzelgrube?” Asked Vice-President Jürgen Kugler, recalling that the topic had been on the sports association’s agenda for a long time. Christian Buck of the building management office explained that the city is not pushing the project anymore. TVK originally planned such a training facility for gymnasts, but conversion plans are on the brink due to difficult financing.

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