5/28/2022 – Lucky Spiral Draw: Your Chance of Winning $ 2.1M or Instant Retirement

If you hit the right 7-digit number in a lucky spiral, you could count on multi-million dollar wins or an immediate monthly retirement. The current winning numbers for the Glücksspirale as of May 21, 2022 and all other information can be found here.

Every Saturday, the balls go into a lucky spiral and all players have a chance to become a millionaire.
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FROM the spiral of happiness– By drawing you can win an instant prize of up to € 2.1 million every Saturday. Alternatively, you can also receive an immediate pension of EUR 10,000 per month. This “lotto-retirement ”is limited and only lasts 20 years winning numbers You can read about the current lucky spiral draw, which took place on May 21, 2022, here.

Lucky Spiral Winning Numbers Review May 21, 2022

Class winning numbers
Reward Class 7 1 6 5 4 0 6 2
Reward Class 6 2 8 1 5 1 6
3 5 9 9 3 7
Reward Class 5 9 3 7 4 1
Reward Class 4 4 7 2 3
Reward Class 3 7 4 7
Reward Class 2 9 5
Reward Class 1 6

(All information without guarantee, source: lotto.de.)

The Glücksspirale draw on May 21, 2022 on TV

Every Saturday, Glücksspirale numbers are drawn by the state lottery administration in Munich. Unfortunately, you have to do without a live draw, but ARD will show the current winning numbers on TV at 19:57. But you can also find out about them in the video text (ARD text, page 587), at the lottery ticket desk or here at news.de.

Happiness spiral probability and profit classes

Much has changed in the spiral of happiness. There is only one winning number in the classes with the highest prizes, and the immediate retirement pension is not paid for life, but for a maximum of 20 years. As a result, profits increased. There is currently € 10,000 in the 5th prize category, € 100 each in the 3 and 4 prize categories and 25 € in the 2nd prize category. The Lucky Spiral main prize also remains lucrative. € 10,000 is paid monthly, even for a limited time. The probability of winning the top prize category is 1 in 10 million.

Participation in the Glücksspirale costs € 5 per lottery ticket, plus the appropriate administration fee of the state lottery company. In some federal states, you can only have part of the Glücksspirale ticket (at a price of 2.50 or 1.00 euro). But then only the appropriate portion of the profit is paid out. Hence, the number of wins can be shown with one decimal place.

The rules of the spiral of happiness game

The Lucky Spiral consists of 7 prize categories, each of which is drawn from 1 to 7 digits (except for prize category 6, there are 2 winning numbers here). That is why Glücksspirale is one of the number lotteries. If you want to know if you won, simply read the coupon number from left to right and compare the last digit with the drawn winning numbers. The grand prize is yours if they all match. You then have the option of € 2.1 million or an immediate retirement pension of € 10,000 per month, limited to 20 years. In almost all federal states, the lucky spiral is also offered on a lottery ticket. Even with the correct final figure in the first prize class, you get € 10 back and therefore double the stake.

Last acceptance of lucky spiral numbers on May 28, 2022?

The timing of admission to Glücksspirale varies from federal state to federal state. In this table you will find the correct times for your state. If you want to take part in the lucky spiral, you can also play online. The advantage of playing online is that you can choose your own Glücksspirale lottery coupon number. The coupon number is printed on the coupon at lottery stores.

Federal state Saturday
Baden-Württemberg 19:00
Bavaria 19:00
Berlin 19:00
Brandenburg 18:55
Bremen 19:00
Hamburg 18:59
Hesse 19:00
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 19:00
Lower Saxony 19:00
North Rhine-Westphalia 18:59
Rhineland-Palatinate 19:00
Saarland 19:00
Saxony 19:00
Saxony-Anhalt 19:00
Schleswig-Holstein 19:00
Thuringia 19:00

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