A treasure in the field and a precious pearl: Lessons from the parable

A treasure in the field and a precious pearl: Maik Lasarzik (New Apostolic Church Wengern) tells two parables in his column.

We have heard many parables of the Lord Jesus. As now, they should introduce their listeners and readers to the matters of faith in a figurative way. Today I want to share two parables that are only mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew: a treasure in the field and a precious pearl. Both parables belong to the parable “The kingdom of heaven is like …”. They should guide us how we can live our faith, be close to God and accompany us on the way to the kingdom of heaven.

They are told quickly. The man finds a treasure in the field. It is safe to assume she will find him working in the field. In those days it was not common, as treasures were often hidden in this form – back then there were no safes. Delighted with the find, he sells everything he has to get the field, and thus the treasure.

In the second parable, the merchant looks for good pearls and in his search he finds a pearl of great value. His Reaction: He sells everything he has to have what is valuable. It found its way into his work, rather by accident. The other looked for and found what he was looking for. The initial situations in the two parables are different. After all, they both do the same to get the treasure.

In our lives too, the initial situations are often different. After all, it doesn’t matter. One finds his faith by chance, the other looks for it. God gives the grace to discover the treasure and find the pearl. What matters to us is what we do when we understand the treasure of being a Christian and the pearl of faith. The meaning of both parables lies primarily in the phrase “he sold everything he had”. The image of selling has nothing to do with wealth or real goods, but it describes the attitude of the heart. In order to have the preciousness of faith, we must also give up something. We must invest some of our hearts in having a treasure or a pearl to stay in the parable.

In many cases we know the treasure in Jesus Christ and we know the pearl of faith. But are we their owners? Often the last step is missing. “He sold everything.” What happens when life storms occur? We would like God to explain to us why this or that is happening in our lives. Can we turn this attitude into trust in Him? What do we do when we feel that we have been treated unfairly in life? Is our reaction: now I am demanding justice – can we together give up this attitude in favor of peace? The Lord Jesus showed us how. His life was marked by this peace.

The Lord Jesus also said, “The kingdom of heaven is in your midst.” This is true to this day. The kingdom of heaven is to come into existence in communities and in communion with one’s neighbors – as a practice and foretaste of eternity. But you have to do something for this treasure. You have to give up something and invest. Make the second person first and retract his opinion. This includes selling in a parable: giving up something. Let us invest with love in our environment and give the next one some time. This will then lead to a treasure in the field.

Finally, take a look at next week: Ascension Day. We know this day and see it in the calendar. We are certainly looking forward to holidays, free time and the opportunity to spend a long weekend with a bridge day. It is also a treasure, or a precious pearl in the parable. Let’s not go through this day without investments. time for our faith. memory of what happened. I wish you a lot of joy – in this case, as described in the parable, we get this treasure.

Maik Lasarzik is the parish superior of the New Apostolic Church in Wengern

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