BuGG President Dr. Gunter Mann reelected for four years

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(May 22, 2022) On May 9, 2022, the general assembly of the Federal Green Building Association (BuGG) for 2021 was held. In total, almost 100 participants went to Stuttgart.

In addition to looking into the past and waiting for 2021/22, elections were also held for three positions in the BuGG Bureau: the positions of president (Dr. Gunter Mann), vice-president (Carsten Henselek) and a member of the Bureau (Helmut Kern) ran in the elections. Gunter Mann and Carsten Henselek ran for re-election, and Lara-Maria Mohr from the Frankfurt City Environmental Bureau. M. to choose from. All three candidates were elected unanimously. The presidency now looks like this:

  • Dr. Gunther Mann (President)
  • Carsten Henselek (vice president)
  • Gerd Vogt (treasurer)
  • Lara-Maria Mohr (Member of the Executive Committee)
  • Tobias Buchen (Member of the Executive Committee)

New BuGG Executive Committee (from left): Tobias Buchen (Executive Committee Member), Dr. Gunter Mann (President), Lara-Maria Mohr (Executive Committee Member), Carsten Henselek (Vice President), Gerd Vogt (Treasurer).

Together with Helmut Kern, the former head of the gardening department of the city of Karlsruhe, the association loses a long-term committed expert who was a sought-after advisor and also a liaison with the cities. Helmut Kern has been a member of the BuGG Executive Committee since the founding of BuGG in May 2018. Lara-Maria Mohr from the Environment Authority of the City of Frankfurt am Main will now take over. She is no stranger to the industry as she has helped create and oversee the Frankfurt Refreshes funding program. She was also a speaker at various BuGG events.

Moreover, with Markus Brühl and Dr. Martin Upmeier unanimously selected two auditors for four years.

Almost 100 participants at the BuGG general meeting in Stuttgart – finally back in the hall!

Review of the 2021 association year

President Dr. In his presentation, Gunter Mann showed what was important for the association in the last fourth year:

  • Development and production of new documents such as the BuGG technical information “Green Inverted Roof” (see article 4 April 2022) and the brochure “Green Innovations Greening the Interior”.
  • BuGG city dialog building green, a DBU-funded project on municipal financing instruments (see article dated April 5, 2021).
  • Various services for cities and ministries such as green roof and facade brochures, feasibility studies, financing programs.
  • Federal Congress on Greening Buildings November 23 and 24, 2021 as an online event.
  • BuGG Green Buildings 2021 market report with up-to-date industry data and extensive lists of sponsor cities (see article from 13/12/2021)
  • Extending cooperation with other associations, including B. the central association of the German roofing industry and various state gardening and landscaping associations.

Outlook for the current year 2022

  • Continuation of the construction of the BuGG green urban dialogue.
  • The BuGG green roof and façade forum is present throughout the country.
  • Publication of the BuGG market report on green buildings 2022.
  • Participation in the fairs Dach + Holz in Cologne and GaLaBau in Nuremberg.
  • Ecological campaign week from 19-24 September 2022 across the country.
  • BuGG specialist congress “Sunny green roof” on 20-21 October 2022 in Berlin.
  • acquisition of membership. BuGG would also like to add more members to its network this year, and after reaching “400” earlier this year, it is now battling the “500”. BuGG currently has 428 members.

In addition, preparations for the World Greening Buildings Congress have begun. The largest event in the industry is scheduled for June 27-29, 2023 in Berlin.

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