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We stop with our Corona ticker

Dear readers,

On May 11, 2022, the WDR ticker Corona is currently taking a break. From the beginning of the pandemic, we tracked and classified live events related to the crown live.

Over the past few weeks, we have noticed that the number of new reports of the coronavirus has clearly decreased – even if the pandemic is not over yet. We also want to respond to these events by changing the format of the message. In separate articles we will keep you up to date on current Corona topics – in the usual place in the WDR aktell app and at

Depending on the dynamics of the pandemic, we will revert to the proven ticker format.

Corona bar from Wednesday May 11 to read:

20:27: Probably 50 million krone cases nationwide

According to estimates by the federal government, 50 million people in Germany have already been infected with the crown. Nationwide, 25 million cases of Covid-19 have been registered since the start of the pandemic about two years ago, as Secretary of State for Health Edgar Franke (SPD) explained on Wednesday in the Bundestag’s Health Committee in Berlin.

However, it can be assumed that the number of unreported cases is approximately twice as high. At 71 percent, most corona infections in the first four months of 2022 were recorded using an omicron wave. Six months earlier, the number of registered infections was less than five million. Despite the persistently high number of infections, Franke noted a positive development of the corona pandemic. The current wave has clearly exceeded its peak, said the Secretary of State. The seven-day incidence decreases in all age groups. The number of hospitalizations and deaths is also falling.

16:18: Before the Corona Summit: A reminder of the fair distribution of vaccines

Ahead of the second international Corona Summit, Catholic development aid organization Misereor is calling for increased efforts to fairer distribution of vaccines and more technology transfer. “The summit must be a success for the international immunization target of 70 percent. Its own population against Covid-19 by the middle of this year has not been overlooked in many countries, especially in Africa“explained the general manager of Misereor Pirmin Spiegel in Aachen.”It is a scandal that African countries have only received 38 percent of the amount of vaccines needed to achieve the goal“.

Due to the ongoing corona crisis, USA announced a virtual summit to fight the pandemic on Thursday. The meeting will be attended by, among others USA and Germany as present G7-President and G20-President of Indonesia.

15:06: Federal government disbands Corona Crisis Team

With corona infections falling, the federal government is disbanding the Chancellery’s crisis management team. The pandemic is not over yet “but we are now in a completely different situation with regard to infections and vaccinations than we were last fall– said the deputy head of the government Christiane Hoffmann in Berlin. The federal government has therefore decided that the tasks of the crisis team will in the future be carried out in normal work structures. This also applies to the Law Firm.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) established a crisis management team chaired by Major General Carsten Breuer as one of his first official acts following the swearing-in as head of government. One of his main tasks was to organize the vaccination campaign last winter.

2:49 pm: “Corona measures”: more chlorine dioxide poisoning emergency calls

Calls for poisoning from the alleged corona agent chlorine dioxide have apparently increased sharply since the start of the pandemic NDR. At least at the Göttingen Poison Information Center North in 2019, there were seven emergency reports, last year there were 50. In 2022, there were already 24 emergency reports for chlorine dioxide. The Northern Poison Information Center records emergency calls in Lower Saxony, Bremen, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein – data for North Rhine-Westphalia is not yet available.

According to the report, chlorine dioxide used as a disinfectant is considered a purported cure for diseases such as cancer, autism and the crown in the “side-thinker” scene. In some cases, parents also give the substance to their children. Bernd Mühlbauer, a toxicologist from Bremen, warned about this:Chlorine dioxide is toxic. This can damage the mucous membranes.“The substance has no place in the body or on the body. It is concerned about the large number of unreported cases, ”said Mühlbauer.

14:36: In France, masks are compulsory for transport

The obligation to wear a mask on public transport ends in France. French Health Minister Olivier Véran said Wednesday the change would take effect early next week. Nevertheless, wearing a mask is recommended. The health situation has improved, but the crown pandemic is not over yet. The incidence value, i.e. reported coronavirus infections per week per 100,000 inhabitants, was around 405 in France.

12.20pm: The mask obligation on airplanes is relaxed

Responsible EUAuthorities began to ease their coronation measures for air traffic. This means, among other things, that the recommendation to wear medical masks at airports and on board aircraft will no longer apply from Monday. This was shared by the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA and EU-Medical authority ECDC FROM.

The reason for the mitigation is therefore the latest pandemic events. These include, in particular, the number of vaccinations, the immunity produced by infections and the associated lifting of restrictions in an increasing number of European countries.

10:05: Shanghai still follows the Covid zero strategy

Despite criticism from the Shanghai government, the Shanghai government wants to: WHO continue to abide by their “Covid zero strategy”. Progress has been made in reducing new infections, said the deputy director of the Center for Disease Control. Relaxing control measures could lead to a resurgence of the virus.

The ruling Chinese Communist Party has repeatedly said that it will not allow its Covid strategy to be criticized. References to this will be removed from the Chinese Internet. In Shanghai, over two million people were in tight lockdown Wednesday – in many cases for more than a month. Some have already tried to make themselves felt by protests from their homes – mostly because of sometimes poor food supplies.

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