Internal chat messages reveal the party

Merkel’s rat at the top! This traitor to the people is in prison for life! ” Who can you attribute such a statement to? AfD Member of the Bundestag. It comes from one of them. This is a message from 40,000 people in the chat community formed by the AfD parliamentary group in the past term under the name “Quasselgruppe”.

At least 76 out of 92 parliamentarians volunteered here. They utter nasty insults, indulge in coup fantasies (“We will have to wait for the old regime to end economically and the sparks fly from Austria, Italy, France etc. This will come and we are preparing for the merciless battles that will follow”).

Your own faction as a “chaos shop”

They express themselves as anti-woman, anti-gay (e.g. against Jens Spahn) and racist. Most of all, however, they are concerned with themselves and with the leadership of their party and faction (“chaos shop”, “sleeping deck”), which seems to be completely incompetent.

The brilliance that the AfD carries out in the Bundestag (jumping mutton and counting late Friday afternoon) to tease other factions (“torment strategy”) has been applauded but also criticized. A strategy is needed, warn the more balanced AfD MPs, and the call for a common line and those who formulate it has been heard over and over again. But there is nothing, and there is nothing – apart from destructive comments. Everyone mocks everyone.

Chats are a document of presumptuous overconfidence, self-harm and destruction, an oath of disclosure. Chats leaked to researchers at NDR and WDR. In the podcast and the movie “AfD-Leaks: Secret Conversations of the Bundestag factions” (in the media library and on Monday at 10:50 pm at the first), they are disseminated.

AfD deputy and representative of the “moderate” wing Joan Cotar clearly stands out from the failures documented in the film, the right-wing frontman of the “wing” and former MP Hansjörg Müller confirms the nationalist pathos that characterizes many of the talks. If the right-wing extremist Björn Höcke played an even greater role there than before, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution would have even more reasons to continue the AfD’s anti-democratic tendencies.

The leader of the parliamentary group, Alice Weidel, boldly smiles at the allegations made in the chat posts that are primarily directed against her personally. He says everyone who is in the front row of the AfD is used to it. “They need to consider whether they can look for another hobby, rather than wasting their time constantly typing in chat rooms. I would like to be more involved in parliamentary work, says Weidel. If she had been aware of the statements made to her, she would have taken action against them. But Alice Weidel was not a member of the “talking group.” Their name may represent the entire AfD. Nobody needs this party.

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