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Potsdam – If you settle in a public green space at the weekend, you don’t have to wait long: the better the weather, the more likely a group of people will come at some point, arrange 13 wooden blocks on your lawn and start throwing sticks at them. Kubb or Viking Chess is the name of this field game from Sweden which is so popular now that there are many kubb tournaments, championships and clubs.

From 2020, there is also the Kubb association in Potsdam, which currently has 18 members. “You need mental strength, you have to think tactically, and there is still a family atmosphere,” explains club co-founder Sven Thiele, explains his fascination with Kubb. The members of the Sportforum Waldstadt meet regularly to train on the sports ground of the SSV Turbine Potsdam.

“You are standing in the meadow, let’s start”

The arcade game actually has nothing to do with chess, but the goal is also to finally defeat the king: two teams play against each other on a field measuring approximately five by eight meters and try to move six wooden blocks the other side – kubby – knocked over with sticks. In the center there is a particularly large kubb with a jagged tip – the king. It can only be beaten at the very end, whoever rejects it earlier has lost.

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The rules are simple, and it’s also one of the reasons Kubba is so popular, which can now be bought at any game store: “You stand on the grass and let’s get started,” says Thiele. Much like boules, a lot of skill comes into play, but to the benefit of playing with kubb on almost any surface. Kubb has existed in its present form since the 1980s; whether it really goes back to the old viking game as it is sometimes claimed is not really proven. Especially in Sweden, Belgium, Germany, USA and Switzerland, people are enthusiastic about cubing; The Kubb World Championship has been held annually on the Swedish island of Gotland since 1995, and the official European Championship has been held in Berlin since 2011 at the end of July.

The connection is made on the Internet portal of the estate

Thiele has been playing Kubb for seven years: “I’m actually a footballer and I referee games almost every weekend until 2020,” says the 43-year-old Potsdam warehouse worker. But at one point, the behavior of many players irritated him: there were always discussions and complaints after a decision was made, and overall the atmosphere in football was too stubborn, Thiele said. “It’s completely different with Kubb,” he says. “No fights, no hours of arguing, no judges.”

In May 2020, he and his partner appealed to like-minded people on the online neighborhood portal: a dozen kubb enthusiasts quickly found themselves in the courtyard in Waldstadt on Mondays and Wednesdays. But soon the space turned out to be too small for the expanding club, so Thiele contacted SSV Turbine Potsdam, which specializes in fistball: “President Dietrich Ulbrich was very enthusiastic,” says Thiele.

You can also earn money with Kubb

Because Kubb is so simple, people of all ages and professions are represented at the Kubb Potsdam Association: “There is everything from retirees, pupils, engineers and students, our youngest member is twelve,” says Thiele. “It doesn’t matter if you are fit or disabled, you just have to feel like it and have some skill.” It’s underrated, you must have sore muscles after a tournament like this! ”Said Thiele.

Of course, a lot of people focus on having fun, but when he goes to the tournament, he already has the ambition to do the best in the competition: “It’s clearly a sport to me,” says Thiele. And some are said to even make money on it: “A lot of people don’t even know that Kubb is also played professionally.”

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