“Moon Knight” Episode 6: MCU Series Ending and Post-credits Scene Explanation – What’s New in the Series

Moon Knight episode 6 concludes with a spectacular finale and then pulls the post-credits scene out of the hat with a big twist. We explain the end of the Marvel series on Disney + and tell you who Jake Lockley is.

The final episode of Moon Knight is now available on Disney +. This leads not only to a spectacular meeting of the Egyptian deities Ammit and Khonshu, but also to a duel of the avatars of Marc Spector, known as Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac) and Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), in which Layla (May Calamawa) intervenes. help of the goddess Tawaret. And as if the episode wasn’t exciting enough, the end credits scene also reveals Jake Lockley as Moon Knight’s third personality.

Our Marvel expert Sebastian explains what Jake Lockley is and all the other important questions about the finale in the video above. Here we’ve put together the most important answers about the Disney Plus Season 1 ending in text form – and we’re deliberately writing Season 1 because after this finale, the sequel to “Moon Knight” is more likely than ever.

How does the Moon Knight end?

Summarizing the events of episode 6 “Moon Knight”: Arthur carries out his plan, returns to the temple of the gods in Cairo and releases there Ammit, who wants to destroy all people whose scales do not show balance. But Layla did follow Arthur, releasing Ammit’s rival Khonshu, who then wants to make Layla his new avatar, since Marc actually died.

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Meanwhile, Marc has arrived in the afterlife. However, he cannot enjoy the peace there as he has left Steven in the Sands of the Duat. Realizing that Steven is an important part of his personality, she accepts him and returns to him. In fact, the fate of these two seems sealed: it seems they must spend the rest of eternity in an Egyptian hell, frozen to sand. But Marc’s emotional speech ensures that the incomplete hearts of the two become one, the golden door opens back into this world, and Marc and Steven come back to life.

I must admit that the whole thing seems to be a typical deus ex machina moment. It is not fully explained why Marc’s acceptance of Steven causes them both to come back to life. Our theory: Taweret had her part because she rushed to the rescue to save Marc and Steven from Osiris, the god of the dead who made one last attempt to contain them with a wave of sand.

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In any case, Khonshu takes the chance and runs to the resurrected Marc, who now harmonizes perfectly with his second personality and makes the final agreement with the bird form. Meanwhile, Layla has also agreed to serve as an avatar for the hippo goddess Tawaret, at least temporarily, and thus gains superpowers. Together, they confront Arthur Harrow and Ammit. Marc and Layla manage to defeat Arthur. They use an Egyptian spell to expel Ammit from his body to finish her off once and for all. But while Khonshu insists on killing Arthur and Ammit once and for all, Marc refuses to take another life.

Instead, he declares that his contract with Khonshu has come to an end. When he finally wakes up in his bed, the two goldfish in his aquarium symbolize that he now fully accepts both of his personalities. (Before it was just a fish.) Marc and Steven have no idea they have at least a third alter ego that only shows up after the credits …

Who is Jake Lockley in the credits?

After the credits there is a scene after the credits where the defeated Arthur Harrow is in a mental hospital. He is kidnapped by a mysterious man who killed some of the asylum staff and takes him to Khonshu, who is in a limousine. The stranger who now shoots Arthur as ordered by Khonshu looks exactly like Marc. In fact, Jake Lockley is the third personality from “Moon Knight” who has been kept secret from our audiences as well as from the other two characters.

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Moon Knight’s Third Personality: Jake Lockley

Lockley also exists at Marvel Comics where he works as a taxi driver and is therefore very good at gathering information. The Disney + series, however, seems to have adjusted his personality a bit. Here he is portrayed as an icy killer who does not spare even innocent civilians. So, while Steven is an effeminate, innocent lamb and Marc is an ambivalent antihero, Jake Lockley seems to have no moral boundaries.

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The perfect avatar for Khonshu, who can continue to use Marc’s body as a puppet without being noticed until Jake is in control. This discovery has far-reaching ramifications for the entire series. The gaps in Marc and Steven’s shared memory were highlighted multiple times in Moon Knight – and we now know why. It was probably Jake Lockley who went out with Steven’s friend at the museum or exchanged Steven’s goldfish that neither Marc nor Steven remembered.

Besides, he defeated Arthur in the first place. Marc and Layla couldn’t even join forces to stop the villain. But after a short break, he was suddenly beaten to death. Neither Marc nor us as an audience found out exactly how Arthur was defeated. But now everything seems to indicate that Jake Lockley has intervened in the fight. Perhaps he was also responsible for the death of Layla’s father. After all, the attack on his research expedition fits Jake much more than it does to Marc, and the memory of the latter was only shown very fragmentarily on the show.

Is Season 2 Coming? What’s next for “Moon Knight” in the MCU?

The fact that after the actual conclusion of “Moon Knight” a different personality shows up clearly shows that the Egypt-inspired superhero will somehow continue. Although Moon Knight was originally announced as a mini-series, hints of a possible season 2 have emerged recently. In an interview with FILMSTARTS, Oscar Isaac has already revealed that he would like to return to the role of Marvel under the right conditions:

“I love it”: Marvel star Oscar Isaac in “Moon Knight” and his future in the MCU

While we think season 2 is very likely, it is also possible that the story of Moon Knight will continue in other MCU movies and series. For example, he may have appeared on the upcoming Halloween special, Werewolf by Night on Disney Plus. He could also be part of a new superhero society called Midnight suns will also include dr. Strange, the Blade and possibly the Black Knight as well. This has not yet been confirmed for the MCU, but it may change with the upcoming movie “Blade”.

Moon Knight’s future is uncertain. But we’re sure episode 6 won’t be the last to see Oscar Isaac in the MCU. But for now, there will be other Marvel movies and series. “Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness” hit German theaters on May 4 and will be released on June 8, 2022 with “Ms. Marvel ”another MCU series on Disney +. Sebastian has analyzed the already related trailer in detail:

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