North Rhine-Westphalia checks aid after massive tornado damage to News

PADERBORN / LIPPSTADT (dpa-AFX) – After the devastating storm damage in several cities in North Rhine-Westphalia, the state government wants to investigate aid in the next few days. Dangerous tornadoes on Friday caused massive damage in several places in the eastern most populous state. In Paderborn alone, 43 people were injured, 13 of them seriously.

“There will be many insured here. And where the need arises, we will carefully examine how we can help. We have also seen damage to public infrastructure, “said NRW Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst (CDU) on Saturday in Paderborn at a press conference. visit. First, it is necessary to carefully assess where the damage is not covered – probably also in the public infrastructure in municipalities – explained the head of the government of NRW.

According to a preliminary assessment of the city of Paderborn, well over 100 buildings were hit by storms, and companies with a high double-digit range would have to face enormous damage. The tornado also occurred in Lippstadt in the Soest district and in the city of Höxter in the easternmost part of North Rhine-Westphalia, the German weather service confirmed. Apart from the damage reports, the Lippstadt and Höxter police did not have any reports of injuries.

According to Wüst, the massive damage from tornadoes in several cities once again shows that extreme weather events are to be expected more often. “If you see this area of ​​devastation today, it’s touching. Then you can see that, unfortunately, it is also possible here and we have to be prepared for the fact that something like this will happen more often here, ”said CDU, a politician in Paderborn. You have to be prepared for such events. “Of course, it also shows the importance of climate protection, and it shows when this is the case.”

According to local authorities, a tornado in Paderborn caused destruction throughout the city, 300 meters wide and five kilometers long. “It was an unimaginable picture, and it still is,” Mayor Michael Dreier (CDU) said Saturday.

He told about trees and traffic lights that were broken like matches. Crash barriers flew through the air like scraps of paper. The flying tiles “ate” the facades of neighboring houses. In addition, many windows were broken. Initially, the flats are uninhabitable, the enterprises are destroyed.

Mayor Paderborn Dreier assured the casualties: “We said as a city we would be paying advances with the district. We have accommodated many families in hotels. And we said very simply that we will engage here as a city together with the district and develop solutions in an uncomplicated way. “

Five schools in Paderborn, including a secondary school, will remain fully or partially closed on Sunday, according to city officials. A spokesman for the city of dpa said that safe access to these buildings could not yet be guaranteed.

In Lippstadt, tornado damage is also affecting the functioning of schools and day-care facilities. Seven schools, including two high schools and five nurseries, will remain closed for the time being as safe access cannot be guaranteed over the next few days.

“Due to the extent of the damage we are seeing in various locations, it is currently inconceivable that the classes could be held there in the next few days,” said Mayor Arne Moritz (CDU). Threats continued to emanate from buildings and surrounding areas. Alternatives to partially pending matriculation and matriculation exams in order to be able to take them are currently being sought.

DWD confirmed a total of three suspected tornadoes in NRW on Saturday – in Paderborn, Lippstadt and Höxter. Tornadoes arose in connection with severe storms. They appeared on a small scale. There was also a short time of rainfall of 30 to 40 liters per square meter during Friday’s storm. The storms passed relatively quickly. Hail in some places.

More than 7,500 emergency services from fire brigades and relief organizations were deployed within 48 hours, NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) announced on Saturday. They would have gone out of their way to prevent any worse./ulb/DP/jha

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