The video from the Bodycam camera shows the policeman Tase Biker starting a fire that “boiled him alive”

It was a shocking moment when a policeman at a gas station fired a stun gun in the face of a motorcyclist, setting off a fireball that “boiled him alive”.

Jean Barreto, 26, reportedly suffered third degree burns in 75% of his body after Deputy David Crawford, who was also injured in the incident, caused a gasoline explosion in an attempt to arrest him.


The disgusting footage shows an officer screaming in pain and falling in agony as the pair burst into flames at a Wawa gas station in Florida on February 27.

The two remain in the hospital, and Mr. Barreto is reportedly fighting for his life while undergoing another skin transplant.

Reportedly under family pressure, the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department released a video of the incident this week.

The first, from Crawford’s camera, shows him approaching the gas pumps where Barreto was filling his bike before taking it downstairs.

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After the man appears to resist the arrest, Crawford Cop draws his gun and paralyzes him while gas continues to gush from a nearby pump.

Despite confirming that he was helping officers from a nearby flammable substance, Crawford appears to fire his stun gun again – causing the flames to explode.

The clip shows him asking his colleagues to “put out” the fire on his legs as he frantically rolls over for 30 seconds.

Another film, made from the perspective of Deputy Christopher Koffina, shows Mr. Barreto in a police car.

After rushing to help his colleague arrest him, Koffinas also seems to have pulled out a stun gun just before the explosion.

Assisting officers are shown putting out the fire on their pants before helping Crawford, whose legs are engulfed in flame.

Lying on the ground, another officer pours Gatorade on Crawford to put out the fire.

The point at which Barreto was injured is not seen in both clips.

When the shocking video was released on Thursday, an unnamed local police source described Deputy Crawford’s actions that led to the outbreak as “utterly reckless”.

“Did this young man deserve it at the end of the day? If he survives, his life will be destroyed, said the Daily Mail.

“Part of the curriculum that every law enforcement officer learns is determining the appropriate use of weapons. It is obvious that this was not the appropriate environment to use a stun gun. “

Mr. Barreto’s attorney, Mark NeJame, later described the “dangerous” aftermath of the incident while his client remained in the hospital.

He said: “Our client, Jean Barreto, was boiled alive by the overzealous, irresponsible and illegal actions of the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, whose policies, created and promoted by Sheriff Lopez, led to this and other atrocities in his department.”

“Their actions offend and vilify mostly good law enforcement officials, as their reckless policies cripple, harm and kill our citizens.”


He further confirmed that his client remains in an Orlando hospital and has undergone dozens of surgeries to treat his severe burns.

Now without much of his skin, Barreto finds himself in a medically induced coma as he endures more intensive treatment to stay alive.

“It is wrapped and rolled in gauze every day and is still bleeding profusely because it does not have the required amount of skin to absorb body fluids,” said NeJame.

He appeared when Osceola County Sheriff Marco López was answering questions on behalf of the police at a press conference – describing the events that led to the unsuccessful arrest.

He confirmed that the man had been attacked by the police after allegedly omitting to stop the movement ordered by the authorities.

The intervention came after a 911 caller reported a reckless motorbike rider who allegedly threatened him with a pistol on the side of the road.

Lopez added that the driver jumped around 13 red lights, made 6 runs on one wheel and drove five times on the oncoming lane, being chased by police officers for several miles in Osceola County.

Police are said to plan to charge Barreto with multiple charges, including resisting arrest if he survives.

Regarding the incident, Sheriff Lopez previously admitted that a stun gun was used during his arrest, but did not say if he started the fire.

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However, he added that if found guilty of the outbreak, Crawford would likely be charged with negligence.

An internal investigation is ongoing into the Osceola County Sheriff’s handling of the incident.

Another clip from a POV camera showed Deputy David Crawford catching fire after the incident


A police officer is charged with negligence if found guilty of causing the blast


Jean Barreto, 26, is hospitalized with third-degree burns affecting 75% of his body


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