Grilling, gardening, parties: what can the neighbors do?

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At the beginning of summer, people celebrate more often, the garden and barbecue are taken out of the shed again. This not only puts you in a good mood, but is also a threat here possible trouble with a neighbor. To avoid disputes, it is important to know who has what rights.

Grills and Noise: These laws apply

Of course, it’s not always the neighbors to fight. Nevertheless, on various occasions it may happen that someone gets angry with himself. Is it about the topic? grillingeveryone is basically obliged to do so, the neighbors do not disturb fumes or smoke. It is regulated by Act on state control of immission. In addition, everyone, with the exception of the prohibitions provided for in the rental agreement, grilling slowly; whether with coal, gas or wood. How often grills are okay is decided differently by the courts. While the Westerde County Court allowed up to ten grilling a year after a complaint, the Bonn County Court only allowed grilling once a month from April to September, after a neighbor had filed a complaint; in addition, please inform your neighbor 48 hours in advance.

It doesn’t matter if they are party guests, screaming children or loud lawnmowers: many sources of noise can be perceived as annoying. As a neighbor, you can quickly perceive background noise as noise pollution. Still, there are many things that are acceptable; especially when it comes to noise from children it is normal that you do not respect the rest periods. While parents are under an obligation to try and keep noise as low as possible during rest periods, this is not always possible. In such cases, the court usually takes the side of the families.

Is about party noise However, rest periods must be respected. They vary from state to federal state, and often also from municipality to municipality, but the rest period is mostly between 22:00 and 6:00. Noisy gardening work, such as lawn mowing, should not be carried out between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. If you want to know exactly what regulations are in force in your city or town, please contact us preferably directly from the city or commune inform.

(An) Plants: These laws apply

Plants are another common topic of controversy. On Planting a new crop you should familiarize yourself with the relevant state regulations, especially for this type of plant. If, for example, a tree or shrub reproduces, keep a greater distance from your neighbor’s property.

From a neighbor protruding branches are often perceived as annoying. Article 910 of the German Civil Code contains clear rules on this point. First of all, the owner of the tree or shrub is responsible for ensuring that the branches and twigs do not grow uncontrollably into someone else’s property. However, if branches have already grown on your property, you can use them cut off – According to the law, the condition is that, as the owner of a given property, he “must pay the owner of a neighboring property the appropriate one elimination date intended “. In addition, it is not allowed to cut branches or twigs if” they interfere with the use of the property does not affect“If the plants are a nuisance and you’ve already set a deadline for your neighbor, you can do the work yourself. But beware: it must be done professionally. If this is not the case, there may be a risk of compensation.

If there is fruit hanging on the branches or twigs that extend beyond your neighbor’s property, you still cannot pick them. this The fruit rightly belongs to whoever owns the tree. If you harvest the fruit, it is legally considered theft. According to § 911 of the German Civil Code, there is an exception if the fruit has fallen onto your property. If so, the fruit is yours. Falling and blowing leaves are considered acceptable contamination. The neighbor is therefore not obliged to remove the leaves that are transferred to you. However, there is one exception: if the tree is too close to your property boundary, the court may ask your neighbor to pay rent for a leaf.


Disputes can often be resolved by: explanatory conversation put away. If you ever cross the border of your neighbor, you should try to be understanding. Friendly interaction with neighbors adds to the overall atmosphere.

You want to know, what laws apply in your state?you can find out more about the related laws of the Länder, for example here.

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