Hamburg: The Fantastic Four celebrates the start of their tour in Hamburg

Thunderous applause, thumping bass and songs from the entire history of the band: Fantastischen Vier celebrated the start of their anniversary tour in Hamburg in front of thousands of fans.

“You don’t know a little bit what you’re missing until you have it again. And today we had it, really Hamburg, »band member Michi Beck said on Saturday night, just before the end of the two-hour concert. About 15,000 people came to the Barclays Arena to listen to the band’s hip-hop music.

30 years of the band’s history on stage

Under the slogan “Always 30 years of life”, Smudo, Michi Beck, Thomas D. and And.Ypsilon had with them all the important hits of Fanta from the 30-year history of the band: Apart from “Die da”, “Sie ist weg” and “Einfach sein” They also played “Together” from the 2018 album “Captain Fantastic”. But with the first song “MfG – Yours sincerely” the band had their audience under control.

Four energetic hip-hop veterans clearly enjoyed their performance in the Hanseatic city – also recognizable by the broad smiles of the musicians. “I haven’t waited three years for this. I’ve been waiting for this for 30 years, ”said Thomas D. during the show. And you could say: the four musicians have worked really hard. That spring night, it was true what the mid-1950s rapped on the album in the song “Hitisn”: “We are still the best, the freshest. I’m sure I’ll be in business forever.

Fantastischen Vier has been in the industry for almost 33 years. They had their first performance on July 7, 1989 in a former kindergarten in Stuttgart. Although they had rapped together before, it was the first concert under their German surname. “That’s why we chose this date as our birthday,” said And.Ypsilon a few years ago.

Success came with “MfG – Best regards”

In the fall of 1992, Fantas became famous almost overnight with his first hit “Die da”. In the years after their quick commercial start, they took off their bright clothes and released successfully with songs such as “Tag am Meer” and “Sie ist weg”. In 1999, after the famous album number 1 “4:99”, the hit “MfG – Yours sincerely” appeared. So far, they have released ten studio albums – four of them reached number one in the German charts. They also won several Echoes, a Golden Camera, and various other awards.

Probably no other band has shaped German rap as much as Fanta 4. What started in Stuttgart has become a music project that has been celebrated for decades, with millions of records sold and hundreds of live concerts. It is understandable that the quartet wanted to celebrate its jubilee in 2020 with a tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. However, due to the crown pandemic, the concerts had to be postponed twice.

But there were hardly any signs of restriction of the coronation period in Hamburg. In front of the stage and in the stands, people danced and sang loudly – mostly without masks or distance. The audience is not homogeneous. It seems that all generations like what the band does: grandparents with grandchildren, in their 40s in shirts, teenagers with friends – they share their enthusiasm for Fanta’s songs. At the beginning of the concert, loud cheers erupted and continued until the end.

“My dear mister singing club”

In one interview, Smudo once described the isolation of the Corona period as “not a good climate for Fanta’s songs.” The joy of performing live is even greater: “It’s fun again, all together, isn’t it? It’s so surreal, ”he told the fans. Michi Beck also did not hide his enthusiasm: “It’s starting again. Guys, how amazing is that?

Hip-hop veterans once again summed up the atmosphere of the evening with the song “Hitisn”: “And it’s time for Fanta again. And we feel nothing but gratitude. My dear singer to the club. “

After the start in Hamburg, there are 13 more concerts, incl. in Stuttgart, Munich, Cologne, Berlin, Zurich and Vienna.

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