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Swiss Post sells 1.4 billion stamps a year in Germany. They have also been particularly safe for several months now thanks to a special license plate.


15 months after the introduction of the first matrix code stamps, Deutsche Post has already sold over a billion such stamps.

There is “a high level of customer acceptance,” says mail manager Ole Nordhoff in a statement from the company, which is pleased with the introduction.

Immune to counterfeits thanks to the matrix code

In February 2021, the Swiss Post issued the first counterfeit-proof stamp. Because even if the stamp is only lightly on it or is washed off illegally, the letter will not arrive if the stamp is reused. Reason: The matrix code on the edge of the stamp was already digitally stored when it was first used.

In addition, postage stamp shipping becomes a bit more transparent: customers can use the ‘Post & DHL’ app to see when the letter has arrived at the postal center in the addressee’s region. It is not possible to check when the shipment was delivered. “As a company, we also benefit from the greater transparency of our mail system,” said Nordhoff’s mail manager.

The Post Office sells 1.4 billion stamps a year

Swiss Post sells around 1.4 billion postage stamps annually in Germany. In 2021, new themes with and without a matrix code appeared alternately on the market. From this year, however, all occasional stamps bear a code – meanwhile, matrix printing has become a matter of course when buying stamps.

However, the code on the right is confusing for some consumers, as Swiss Post’s statement shows. The group reports that “customers have cut off the matrix code or have simply torn it off, possibly under the wrong assumption that it does not belong to the brand.” Then the validity of the stamp can no longer be checked and the letter must be returned to the sender, the post office emphasizes.

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The matrix code is the next step for Swiss Post to take over the letter business shrinking in the Internet age on the digital course and make it more efficient and customer-friendly. The next step was the introduction of a mobile postage stamp at the end of 2020. Through the “Post & DHL” application, consumers receive a code consisting of numbers and letters, which they then enter with a ballpoint pen on the envelope – after which the letter is considered as postage and can be sent by post without having to purchase new stamps in advance at the post office. As an additional franking option, it has so far only been a niche activity. (dpa)

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