Boho style balcony: inspiration and decoration tips

A boho-style balcony in the summer can hardly be surpassed in terms of comfort. To create such an open-air living room, you need a talent for the right textiles, plants, materials, colors and patterns. Here you can read which ones fit best here.

The Boho style balcony is, so to speak, a balcony for the senses, which is why it exudes so much comfort and is still very much sought after. Almost every human sense is addressed here because there is so much to see, feel, hear, smell and even taste. So let’s dress up your own balcony in a boho chic style.

Flood the outdoor living room with textiles

There is no doubt that textiles are as much a part of a boho-style balcony as a lush green lawn is part of the garden. It just doesn’t work without it! Fill all the seats with comfy cushions, furs and fluffy blankets, as befits a real outdoor living room. Light macrame on the balcony wall or hanging baskets hanging from the ceiling whirl sleepily in the wind. On the floor, it is best to sit on comfortable cushions and pouffes. The latter can also be used as a side table in combination with a tray. Of course, the outdoor carpet should not be missing as a grand finale. Eagerly made of sisal or raffia, varying in shape and size, and also in multiple versions if you wish, so all copies can overlap for even greater comfort.

Boho is not without natural materials

Natural materials such as bamboo, wood, natural stone etc. undoubtedly belong to the balconies in the boho stylePhoto: iStock / Maria Korneeva

There is no doubt that a boho-style balcony definitely needs a lot of natural materials. Of course, wood is popular here. This charismatic raw material is often used as furniture, wall grilles and floor panels. Bamboo in particular, when used as an armchair or screen, exudes a sense of the jungle. But other natural fibers and materials such as rattan, sisal, seagrass, clay or natural stone slabs are also welcome “guests” on the boho-style balcony. The only decisive factor is that the natural character of the atmosphere combined with a slightly playful note is clearly recognizable.

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Wild patterns, natural colors

In the boho style, the tone is set by patterns, not colors. So it doesn’t have to be colorful or flashy, but rather natural and comfortable. Nevertheless, a boho-style balcony does not have to look boring, because wild patterns such as spikes, dots or paisley give it a large dose of joyful nonchalance. And precisely because so few colors are “allowed”, the coexistence of several patterns is neither uncomfortable nor visually overly stimulating. For example, it is advisable to stick to natural shades such as olive green, mustard yellow, terracotta, cream or greige. However, you can opt out of color altogether and instead only work with achromatic colors like white, black, or gray. Small color accents here and there add variety to the look. And metal accessories like candlesticks or a watering can can add a little more elegant touch.

I need the light (s)

Boho backlit balcony in the evening
Candlelight, fairy lights and lanterns highlight another aspect of the Boho style, namely holistic coziness even after sunsetPhoto: iStock / Maria Korneeva

Strictly speaking, the boho style does not work without sufficient lighting on the balcony. In fact, various light sources, such as fairy-tale lamps, lanterns or lanterns for the table and floor, are the real essence of this style. Because just after sunset, the boho look reveals its true power, which is holistic coziness. Of course, you also need lots of lanterns, tea lights, and torches if you want.

Dream accessories

Young woman lying in a hammock on the balcony
A hammock supports the dreamy character of a boho balcony in the literal sense of the wordPhoto: iStock / RowanJordan

The boho style on the balcony acquires a dreamy character thanks to special accessories. Light utensils such as a dream catcher, a bell or rice paper lamps that sway gently and playfully in the wind create a cozy atmosphere. In some cases, accessories like these are not only tangible visually but acoustically as well, meaning that several senses are emotionally guided. If you have a spacious balcony, you can also integrate a hammock for even more casual style. And when it’s time to go inside, natural fiber baskets will come in handy for decorative storage of pillows and blankets.

Plants of all levels

Various plants belong to the boho balcony
Plants on all levels of the balcony are part of the boho ideaPhoto: Getty Images

Plants are also an essential part of a Boho-style balcony. First of all, climbers, boxes with beautifully colored flowers or large pots with various palm trees are perfect for presenting a large amount of greenery in the open air. Small, aromatic pots with herbs and sculptural cacti in hanging baskets or on the table are not only a sight to see, but also to feel and smell.

Balcony as a stage for DIY projects

Your own small DIY or gardening projects can be displayed on a boho balcony. It doesn’t have to be perfect and consistent. Thanks to the many different natural materials, the outdoor area has its own character anyway. Many surfaces become patinated over time due to the weather and “lose” some of their shine, which ultimately only leads to even greater comfort. In this circle, (first) DIY projects that have one or the other drawback are welcome.

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