“Evil Dead: The Game” in the test: Chainsaw and cooperative play

Successfully at the latest “Dead by Daylight “ the cooperative horror movie market is more than just lucrative: who would have thought that silly generator repairs could be so exciting and annoying when a well-known cinematic and serial killer is always on your way ?! However, if you desperately run away from “evil” is a little too passive for you, you should rejoice that “Evil Dead: The Game “ At least that asymmetric 4v1 multiplayer concept “Dead by Daylight” & Co., but clearly turns the gameplay upside down: Because in central mode, where you play the role of survivors and have to deal with demonic danger, you actively fight them with evil forces from a distance. As Bruce Campbell, of course, in style with a chainsaw.

Overall, the game is not only based on the original cult trilogy, but also brings characters and knowledge from an offshoot of the series “Ash versus dead evil“Z. Fans of the horror series around lead actor Bruce Campbell should be pleased that those in charge of here really treated the source material extremely tenderly: not only do the characters and scenery come from the appropriate cinematic templates, but also sensed each element and finally also the mission objectives of each multiplayer games. Above all, the game also brings the vibe of B-Movie into the atmosphere. But how does the gameplay in Evil Dead: The Game work? We will tell in the next section.

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Evil Dead: The Game – How Multiplayer Games Work

You can explore the large map as a team by car Photo: Saber Interactive

Overall you have a choice from 13 figures (some of them you have to unlock in multiple single-player missions) that you can send to fight evil. The incarnation of Ash appears several times: the characters can be divided into, for example, experts in close and long-range combat, followers and leaders. Of course, individual characters also have special abilities and their own perks: For example, ONLY Ash in his four incarnations can wear the legendary chainsaw as a melee weapon. Basically, in the game, you can use one melee weapon and one ranged weapon that you find in the area. Character traits can be improved or changed with permanent experience points, just like in other multiplayer games.

Overall, the game features two very large maps where multiplayer rounds tend to run very similarly: First, your group of four is spread out over the map and must first find three map pieces, which are usually spread over very different areas on the map. map. The map takes you to the infamous Kandarian dagger or the Necronomicon page which you must get for the mission to be successful. But of course it doesn’t work without bloodshed: because with the right items you have to fight off waves of demonic villains in order to be successful. Finally, you must acquire the legendary Necronomicon, guarded by three powerful demons, to finally stop the invasion of the army of the dead once and for all.

The actual gameplay is initially somewhat similar to “Battle Royale”: you search abandoned houses, caves or other areas for useful items, weapons or healing tools to prepare for later clashes with the demonic hordes. An important (and sometimes annoying) factor is the fear indicator of your heroes and protagonists: it seems constant as soon as you are left alone in the game world and probably become acquainted with a few demons. When the fear gauge is full, the candarian demon can not only attack you, but also take over you. Thanks to light sources and, above all, fires, you can quickly lower your fear index. But in the heat, sometimes it’s easier said than done.

Of course, the game looks a little different on the other side of the demonic hunt: as a demonic being, you control yourself as an invisible force from the first person perspective and set traps for survivors, for example to increase their fear level or to take over some equal Undead. allow demon portals to spawn directly on your adversaries. Here, too, you gain experience as you progress in subsequent matches and you can activate new features.

Evil Dead: The Game – How does it all sound | Technology

Bad game to the dead end
Dead Evil’s End of the Game has begun Photo: Saber Interactive

If you’re still a little overwhelmed in the first games, which of course also applies to a lot of items, map locations, and features like the fear display, Evil Dead: The Game unfolds with a constant co-op round lasting until Four other players quickly find their charm. It’s very positive that the people in charge have integrated a cross-platform feature, which at least worked without any problems in our numerous sessions with PS5 and PC players, even if it was a bit annoying at times, repeatedly inviting different users to do so. In contracts and in a team, the principle of the game usually works much better, because you can of course balance the classes a little better and thus have a better chance of ending the game “live”. Because especially in our sessions with random multiplayer players, it is enough for someone to stubbornly gossip and sooner or later have to scratch him off the floor – especially in the second half of the game, teamwork is almost essential. Therefore, the fun of the game can vary considerably depending on which group of games you just caught.

After many hours of play, however, we must honestly admit that the games repeat themselves quite quickly, because the mission objectives are always the same and usually it only really comes to the fore in the final fight. A few technical bugs and shortcomings also spoiled the fun from time to time: We got stuck at one point on the map twice and couldn’t free ourselves thanks to the climbing feature. Apart from that, we were more or less satisfied with the technical performance: on PlayStation 5, the game runs at 60 frames per second in 4K resolution and is really graphically impressive. Beautiful textures, very large maps with lots of detail and very good character models – the developers did a really great job there.

The game is well optimized for PC as well, but once again benefits a lot from this Implementation of DLSS: On our test machine with the NVIDIA RTX 3090, we were able to see a strong performance increase of almost 23% in 4K with DLSS quality. With DLSS performance, the result was even more impressive: we were able to increase the frame rate from almost 75 FPS to 118 FPS on average, which means very good performance plus almost 57% – with minimal graphics loss.

Evil Dead: The Game – Our Conclusion

We would not subscribe to Evil Dead as being completely “awesome”, but the cooperative game with asymmetric horror was good for us in many ways as fun for many players: this is mainly due to the great setting and very beautiful implemented knowledge on which the game is based . In addition, games can be great fun, especially with a well-practiced cooperative group, even if the gameplay is similar after some time. Apart from a few annoying bugs that spoil the game, the game is quite technically mature and looks very nice. Unfortunately, the single-player part doesn’t keep up at all as the difficulty level is harsh and sometimes frustratingly unfair due to the lack of save points. We’d like to see many more mission types, maps, and overall variety in the future of the game. But the basic framework for a promising future for multiplayer surely exists!

Evil Dead – The game is available on May 13 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. You can watch the game’s launch trailer here:

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