Football-A-Class: Excitement to the end: the best teams show no weakness

In Aichacher Staffelkl, Ecknach and Schiltberg are fighting for the title. In the East, it is a three-way battle. Sportfreunde Friedberg stumbles, but does not fall.

TSV Schiltberg remains on the way to the championship after a 3-0 away game against FC Gerolsbach II. persecutor VfL Ecknach II strengthened his second place by winning 9-1 at home against TSV Weilach. The A-Class East arrives TSV Aindling II again to three points at the green table as TSV Inchenhofen could not provide the team. Fabian Ettinger: “They informed us that you just can’t compete.” FC Laimering / Rieden stay in the game with a 3-0 win away from home Ottmaring up close, as did DJK Stotzard with a narrow 1-0 win over TSV Friedberg II Sportfreunde Friedberg win despite bad chances and retain the chance for the championship in class A Augsburg Center.

East class

DJK StotzardTSV Friedberg II 1: 0

DJK Stotzard had a flattering victory at home. Against the very deep visitors, there was no question of overturning the defense for an hour. Only the penalty kick gave the hosts a happy victory. Chrisitan Braun was fouled in the sixteenth and goalscorer Darius Neamtu turned the penalty into a small 1-0 home win. You were lucky the crossbar prevented a collision five minutes before the final hit.

Goal 1.0 Neamtu (60th) Viewers 100

BC Rinnenthal II – TSV Mühlhausen 4: 3

BCR reporter Thomas Losinger spoke of an interesting beginning. The guests led the first action of Maximilian Falkowsky. Heimelf equalized thanks to Mathias Bauer, but Mühlhausen managed to take the lead again thanks to Tim Burghardt. And after another counterattack, Yannis Scherer jumped up to 3: 1 just before the break. In the second half of the game the hosts were more consistent in taking advantage of the opportunities. Mathias Bauer scored a quick goal. Even so, the BCR had to catch up with ten minutes to go. Nico Glass was then successful after a corner to 3-3. Following the free-kick, Michael Fesenmayr scored the 4-3 winning goal, “which was not undeserved,” said Losinger.

Gates 0: 1 Falkowsky (2nd) 1: 1 Bauer (4th) 1: 2 Burghardt (6th) 1: 3 Scherer (42nd) 2: 3 Bauer (49th) 3: 3 Glaß (81st) 4: 3 Fesenmayr (86.) Viewers 70

TSV Dasing II – TSV Sielenbach 2: 2

There was no winner in the derby at the Dasinger sports facility. Nevertheless, TSV coach Christian Schlosser was pleased with the performance of his eleven, especially as the class he was in was already packed safely. “Once again, everyone helped build a strong team,” Dasinger’s coach was delighted to stay in the A-Class. Jonas Schieg gave the hosts the lead in a second try just before the break. After being restarted by the cautious referee Adnan Aslan, Andreas Braun managed to equalize after a misunderstanding in Dasinger’s defense. Simon Riedlberger neutralized Dasinger’s goal restarted by youth player Maximilian Lernet to a well-deserved 2: 2 after an hour. Coach Schlosser: “We have mobilized all our forces and will fight again on Tuesday.” Then Dasinger will play TSV Inchenhofen II.

Gates 1-0 Schieg (45 ‘) 1-1 Braun (48’) 2-1 Lernet (53 ‘) 2-2 Riedlberger (59’) Viewers 60

SV Ottmaring II – FC Laimering/ Rieden 0: 3

The promotion candidates only needed four concentrated minutes Laiming to a clear victory at the end. SVO coach Trinkl: “It was bitter how we had to concede three goals in a very short time before switching sides.” His eleven played with enthusiasm, “but then we revealed our problems on the defensive again.” After a corner, Tobias Maurer was hit behind Header on the spot. Just a needle twist later goalkeeper Alexander Paule stumbled a pass from behind after a restart – FCL forward Marvin Gaag was in place and had no problems breaking through to 2-0. Ottmaring completely missed and conceded Christoph Haas’ third goal as the break was a whistle: “Three boxes in a short time is already very bitter” coach Trinkl was served. Staying in class is almost hopeless.

Gates 0-1 Maurer (42 ‘) 0-2 Gaag (43’) 0-3 Haas (45 ‘) Viewers 80

SC Oberbernbach II – SV Obergriesbach 1: 8

The second group of district graders was only able to avoid the visitor for half the time Oberriesbach stand up to. Valerie Wagner equalized Sebastian Kinzel’s first goal, but then Kinzel took his colors back into the lead. After the change, everything happened quickly. Kinzel scored 3-1 before Noah Schönleben scored three and Julian Seyfried let Obergriesbach take the lead 7-1. With the fourth goal of the day, Kinzel made the 8-1 final to be perfect.

Gates 0: 1 Kinzel (2nd) 1: 1 Wagner (13th) 1: 2 Kinzel (28th) 1: 3 Kinzel (58th) 1: 4 Schönleben (66th) 1: 5 Seyfried (71st) 1: 6 Schönleben (81st) 1: 7 Schönleben (83th) 1: 8 Kinzel (87th) Viewers 50

FC Igenhausen – SV Wulfertshausen 5: 1

“It finally worked,” said FCI coach Eugenio Paci. His team had to play almost eighty minutes an hour outnumbered, Liviu Daniloni had already seen red card referee Benedikt Brandstetter when he was late. “Quite right,” says Paci. Igenhausen was leading 1-0 after a safe penalty from Filipe Pulquerio Lameira when Darius Colciar was fouled by Marquart’s goalkeeper. Colciar managed to score 2-0 before the break. Despite their numerical advantage, the hosts continued to dominate the game and netted two more goals by Laimeira and Florian Nematuna before Maximilian Baumann scored for the weak guests. Colciar then set the final score for a 5-1 home win in the last minute.

Gates 1-0 Lameira (23 ‘) 2-0 Colciar (40’) 3-0 Lameira (77 ‘) 4-0 Nemtanu (84’) 4-1 Baumann (89 ‘) 5-1 Colciar (90’) Viewers 150

Class A Aichach

FC Gerolsbach II – TSV Schiltberg 0: 3

The leader also proved his class in Gerolsbach. – But we had our options – says Korbinian Reiner. After a goal by Robin Streit, the hosts had a chance to equalize. Lukas Felber failed with a penalty kick to goalkeeper Elias Edlhuber (22nd). “We could have turned things around,” said Reiner, who saw good opportunities for the hosts. Schiltberg but emphasized its added quality in the offensive. Another dispute and Stefan Brunner left no doubts about the away victory.

Gates 0-1 dispute (9th) 0-2 dispute (48th) 0-3 Brunner (53rd) Viewers 50

SV Echsheim II – TSV Pöttmes II

There were no winners in a very hectic game. Jonas Lander took the lead in an instant. After that, the visitor had more stakes in the game, even though he was outnumbered. Sebastian Brodowski saw the card with traffic lights after 32 minutes. Nevertheless, Markus Keller was able to align with the down man. Then, however, the guest weakened himself with two more suspensions.

Gates 1-0 Landes (3rd) 1-1 Keller (65th) Yellow-Red Brodowski (32nd) Kelmendi (84th) Schafnitzel (90th all TSV) Viewers thirty

VfL Ecknach II – TSV Weilach 9: 1

The second set of VfL Ecknach’s district league remains on track. With a high 9-1 home win, they clearly underlined their ambitions. “We played our game completely,” said Kilian Failer, pleased with the good performance at home. Only in the initial stages were they unsorted when Simon Singbartl was able to put Weilacher in the lead. Philip Heinreichs, who emigrated to Oberbernbach, turned the game in favor of the hosts, scoring two goals in three minutes. Thomas Egen and Stefan Hörl made it clear by scoring two more goals before the switch, who left the field as the winner after ninety minutes. Weilach found no way to stem the tide of Ecknach’s attack even after switching sides. Thomas Egen scored another four goals, including a flawless hat-trick, and football coach Maximilian Eisner scored 6-1 in the meantime.

Gates 0: 1 Singbartl (14.) 1: 1 Heinrichs (16) 2: 1 Heinrichts (18) 3: 1 Egen (39) 4: 1 Hörl (45) 5: 1 Egen (51) 6: 1 Eisner (53 ‘) 7-1 Egen (72’) 8-1 Egen (81 ‘) 9-1 Egen (88’) Viewers 120

TSV Hollenbach II – WF blades 1: 5

The effects of the district league team celebrating the championship were clearly visible in the second set of TSV Hollenbach. “It’s been a long night,” said coach Aechter, “but he fully understood. “We tried to do our best together,” but the project was finished after a minute. Fabian Ostermaier developed a lightning-fast lead from the very first attack. Johannes Zerle leveled the aua a little later, but tourists just had more strength to achieve the goal. Matthias Brugger, Andreas Schmid and Moritz Aidelsburger quickly clarified their goals. And after an hour, Brugger improved the score to 5: 1.

Gates 0-1 Ostermaier (1.) 1-1 Zerle (7.) 1-2 Brugger (11.) 1-3 Schmid (20.) 1-4 Aidelsburger (43) 1-5 Brugger (60) Viewers 50

SV Hoerzhausen – DJK Langemosen II 1: 4

Goals 0: 1 Bader (57) 0: 2 Greiner (65) 0: 3 Stegmeir (70) 1: 3 Bergknapp (88) 1: 4 Bader (90) 70 spectators.

Average class

SF Friedberg-SV Türkgücü Koenigsbrunn II 3: 0

The fans showed an extremely poor performance in the home game against the guests from Königsbrunn. The need to win paralyzed some of the hosts’ players, so there was not much in the game. The conservative Königsbrunner limited themselves to the basics and succeeded, even if there was some luck at 0-1 when Sofu scored from the turn in the 33rd minute. With the best move a minute later, his sports colleagues equalized to 1: 1. In the second half of the game, the hosts competed in losing their best chances, partly due to inefficiency. After an hour, Pestel again shot his colors 2: 1 to the lead. The occasional counterattacks by the visitors were not without danger and twice the hosts were very lucky when the balls, half of the flank, half of the shot on goal missed the goal of Sportfreunde by centimeters. After Kevin Brand’s 3: 1 in the 85th minute, Friedberger’s poor game ended happily. (FSE)

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