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Digital Classes are delivered with the DigitalPakt Schule. Simple operation, compatible software solutions, and a secure network are essential for teachers, students and parents. However, it is also important to look at the challenges of digital technology in the classroom. From distracted students to less face-to-face activities, with a little finesse, most of the disadvantages are easily remedied.

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What are the benefits of an interactive whiteboard in the classroom? Several advantages are already obvious:

  • All panel images are saved as dated document and can be called up anytime and anywhere
  • It is possible to continue working on the board from the previous lesson without any problems or preparation
  • You can insert links and videos that can be directly called up or played
  • Documents for the lesson can be prepared on the computer, so you do not need to write long on the board before the lesson
  • Automatic conversion of all handwritten notes and numbers or formulas, typing into digital text

But what else should be considered when buying?

How do digital whiteboards work and what tools and devices are compatible? What are my applications in my daily work? And what are the benefits for teachers and students in direct or distance learning?

We will show you these open-ended questions and show you how you can make your lessons interactive and flexible in our webcast on June 21, 2022 at 3pm.

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The aim of the webinar is to show you interactive options for designing lessons using a digital whiteboard and together find a future-proof complete solution for your digital lessons.

IT-HAUS goes to school

Today, first-class and sustainable overall IT concepts for the digital classroom are the highest priority. IT-HAUS offers a comprehensive portfolio on the way to the digital class:

  • analysis and advice
  • Help in creating a media development plan
  • Purchase and setup of a digital classroom
  • Introduction to teaching devices, software, and networks
  • Constant support and optimization of the school network
  • A basket tailored to the needs of your school

Especially interesting for teachers: Intel Skills for Innovation – will successfully master the transformation into a digital educational world.

Intel Skills for Innovation is based on a model of building the skills necessary for effective learning with students in the so-called “new collar” era of the fourth industrial revolution. Learn more

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