Rielasingen-Worblingen: It’s over after three decades: guildmaster Harald Liehner is no longer running for elections

For 34 years, Harald Lehner was a volunteer on the board of the Katzdorf Arlen association of fools. Clearly moved, he began his speech at the recent General Meeting with the words “Now is the time”. By this he meant that he would no longer be available for the selection of a guild master. He was associated with the club as a child and wanted to remain one in the future.

These have been wonderful years, Lehner concluded. However, there have been ups and downs. He thinks of an icy relationship with neighboring clubs, with everyone cooking their own soup. Today it is a very good community. “Together with you, the carnival became more important in the village,” Lehner thanked his guildmates Holger Reutemann from Rielasingen and Thomas Bertsche from Worblingen. The best proof of this is the common carnival Sunday.

Hand in hand for madness (from left): guild champions Harald Liehner, Thomas Bertsche, Holger Reutemann and Uli Kaltenbrunner in ...

Hand in hand for madness (from left): Guild masters Harald Liehner, Thomas Bertsche, Holger Reutemann and Uli Kaltenbrunner during handover from Liehner to Kaltenbrunner. | Photo: Sandra Bossenmaier

Critical goodbye words

Harald Lehner also invoked some critical words. This should not be understood as a criticism, but as a statement of the changing times. There were times when the carnival could be regulated with simple contracts. He gave music as an example. In those days, every carnival club had its own, today you almost have to beg for it. A lot has changed and you need to think about it. The world is moving faster than ever before.

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Harald Liehner knows what he is talking about because in 1988 he became the second president of the Katzdorf Fools’ Association. He belonged to a group of farmers, which at that time consisted of the entire board. In 1995, Lehner inherited his predecessor, Gerhard Brecht, who had to resign as first president due to health problems. Now he will retire to a peasant group and there will be carnival parties.

He still enjoys exchanging ideas with friends and colleagues on and off the stage and in the bar during the carnival. “What makes me happy is that the club is growing and my office will be handed over to the next generation,” says Lehner. He wished the new management, headed by Uli Kaltenbrunner, good hands and a lot of support for the benefit of the customs officials and Arlener Fasnacht.

Harald and Regina Lehner (from left) walk away from the board.  Stefanie Wieland, Susanne Kalopek, Uli Kaltenbrunner and ...

Harald and Regina Lehner (from left) walk away from the board. Stefanie Wieland, Susanne Kalopek, Uli Kaltenbrunner and Silke Graf form the new management board of the Katzdorf Fools’ Association. | Photo: Sandra Bossenmaier

Neighboring clubs stick together despite being teased

One village and three carnival clubs – even if teasing your neighbors is fun, stick together, said Holger Reutemann, Rattlinger guildmaster from Rielasingen, thanking the former guildmaster. For 26 years, no one has come better and Lehner remains a thick-skinned Katzdorfer.

Thomas Bertsche, master of the Schaflinger guild from Worblingen, congratulated the new management board, which has an enviable number of women. As a sign of recognition, he presented Harald Lehner with the Schaflinger Order of Honor. This entitles him to visit the fool’s mirror with two rear seats.

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I love carnival and they are committed to solidarity in the village: Harald Liehner and Isolde Schneidereit at the Fools Fountain in Arlen.

And Ralf Baumert from Schulte made a bold wish: on Dirty Thursday he would like Harald Liehner to be the prosecutor in the fool’s court on the church steps.

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