SPD statement on energy transition: May 24, 2022, 15:42

Today, a joint statement by the chairmen of the SPD parliamentary groups in the Bundestag and national parliaments as well as the SPD deputies in the European Parliament reached the press. The theme is the energy transformation … “For the social and ecological energy transformation: massive acceleration of renewable energy development – relief for citizens

We must decisively accelerate the expansion of renewable energy. This is the only way to keep electricity and heating affordable. Only in this way can we become independent from fossil energy. And only in this way can we reliably supply our industry and economy with energy and create good jobs. We will therefore remove obstacles to an affordable and climate-friendly energy supply with determination and speed.

For the energy transformation to be successful, the expansion brakes must be released. All federal states and the federal government must work on this with all their might. If you are serious about affordable, climate-friendly energy and fairness, you have to do it yourself, not just wait for third parties.
The future is wind, sun, bioenergy, geothermal heat and energy saving. We say no to the further use of highly flammable nuclear energy! Nuclear exit remains a decisive issue. Anyone who now wants to return to this high-risk technology in individual federal states, but at the same time rejects a nuclear waste landfill, is acting improbably and irresponsibly.

We also rely on the rapid expansion of regenerative heat through geothermal energy and alternative solutions such as the use of waste heat and the development of a district heating network. We will support, promote and promote such projects. We Social Democrats pay particular attention to affordable energy prices. The use of alternative energy sources and the abandonment of fossil fuels will significantly reduce energy prices in the medium term. However, we will also make sure that the people of our country are not overburdened when switching from fossil energy to renewable energy. It is a good thing that the traffic light coalition has launched two large bailouts against rising energy prices. We will assess the effects of the measures taken and consider the next steps to help in the future.
We also welcome the rapid planning process for planned liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals that the Bundestag decided last week to ensure the energy transition to renewables. Acceleration is now needed also due to other bills, the so-called the Act on amending the Energy Law). We want to significantly tighten up the rules in the parliamentary process and ensure that the planning process is accelerated to facilitate the implementation of enlargement. In addition, we cannot afford to assign a different weight to the expansion of LNG and renewable energy infrastructure. The expansion of renewable energy sources such as LNG infrastructure must be of overriding public interest, and here too we need maximum acceleration.

Hydrogen will play an important role, especially for the German economy. Climate-neutral steel and the chemical industry require green hydrogen on a large scale, the production of which should be taken into account when expanding planned electricity capacity.
Social justice must be a priority in the energy transformation. Grid charges must be socially fair and must not harm pioneers in the expansion of renewable energy. Acceptance of large manufacturing plants will increase if citizens and neighboring communities share their crops on a national and even scale.

It is important to us that industrial areas, which have guaranteed safe and reliable fuel supplies for many years, are not endangered in their existence. We call for solidarity and financial support for these regions in the coming transition to more climate-neutral production. They should also remain important anchors of future energy security and offer jobs and added value.

Only with determination, courage to energy transformation and social policy can we create a climate-friendly industry of the future, provide good jobs and ensure a good future for our children.
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