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The festival season has started – now again without crown restrictions: the culture can be experienced outdoors in various places in Hesse. Against the background of a picturesque background, the performances become a special pleasure – an overview.

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Happy relaxation in Bad Arolsen

Dorothee Oberlinger and her team 1700

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Where: An open-air scene at the Castle on the Water in the Bad Vilbel spa gardens and in the theater basement of the castle
When: May to September 11
What: About four months of performances and concerts
On the scene: Murder on the Orient Express, Comedians Harmonists, Eternal Youth, Sister Act, Much Ado About Nothing; Robin Hood, The Jungle Book (for kids); in the basement of the theater: therapy, farewell dinner; There is a Shakespeare audio walk in the castle park and various guest performances at lunchtime and in the evening.
Prices: Theater tickets from 17 to 57 euros. Children’s parties from 6 euros
Organizer’s website: Festival in the wrong castle vibration
Special features: Before the pandemic, the Burgfestspiele crowns were the most visited festivals in Hesse with over 100,000 spectators. The site is idyllically situated between the Bad Vilbel Water Castle and a historic half-timbered building.

Richy Müller on stage with his colleague during an acting game.

Where: In the ruins of the monastery in Bad Hersfeld, open-air stage at the Eichhof Palace
When: From July 1 to August 28
What: Two summer months full of music and theater performances and concerts
On the scene: Notre Dame, Little Hunchback, Dead Poets Society, Volpone, Musical: Goethe !; Concerts: incl. Cassandra Steen
Prices: Depending on the day of the week from 26 to 85 euros, for premium seats up to 125 euros, Eichhof Palace: from 29 to 32 euros, family tickets from 6 euros
Organizer’s home page: Bad Hersfelder festivals
Special features: The festival has a long tradition dating back to the 19th century. Big TV shows like Richy Müller have been on the scene for years. Time and again, the festival was shaken by financial problems and scandals: in 2018, then director Dieter Wedel had to announce his withdrawal on suspicion of sexual assault.

Grimm Hanau Brothers Festival

A young man in an oriental costume sits on a flying carpet

Where: Philippsruhe Palace Amphitheater
When: May to July 31
What: For six weeks, fairy-tale performances take place almost every day – for children and adults.
On the scene: Aladdin and the magic lamp, little brother and little sister, a midsummer night’s dream, rayon girl, Drosselbart (music) as well as theater workshops
Prices: From € 5 to € 43
Organizer’s home page: Brothers Grimm Festival Hanau
Special features: In Hanau you have an outdoor atmosphere without the risk of rain. The amphitheater can accommodate over 1,200 people under its roof. They are special for kindergartens and schools morning performances. There are even several inclusive shows for Aladdin, including for the visually impaired and hard of hearing.

Dorothee Oberlinger and her team 1700

Where: At various locations in Bad Arolsen, including the Residenzschloss
When: May 25-29
What: Old music in a partially new version – this year’s motto: “Off to Arcadia!”
On the scene: Ensemble 1700, Accademia del Piacere, Frieda Braun and many others
Prices: EUR 6.60 to EUR 39.60
Organizer home page: Arolser Baroque festival
special features: In addition to the concerts, there is an accompanying program, including a guided tour of the castle.

Musical Summer Fulda

Vocalist and composer Chris de Burgh at the beginning of rehearsals for the musical Robin Hood in Fulda

Where: Palace Theater Fulda
When: June 3 to October 16
What: postponed world premiere of “Robin Hood” – in a musical version of Chris de Burgh and Dennis Martin
On the scene: Robin Hood
Prices: 4:10 to 130 Euro
Organizer’s website: musical summer Fulda
Special features: For several years now, Fulda has been a must-see for music fans during the summer months.

Weilburg Castle

Where: Six venues in Weilburg and one in Limburg, including two open-air, Renaissance courtyard at Weilburg Castle and Domplatte
When: From June 4 to August 6
What: Almost 50 concerts, including concerts for children
On the scene: Renowned orchestras, ensembles and soloists.
Prices: Up to 69 euros
Organizer’s website: Weilburger Castle concerts
Special features: Outdoor events in the Renaissance courtyard will be moved to the castle church in bad weather. However, as there are around 400 seats more available in the courtyard than in the church, they are sold as fine weather tickets. Only when it is certain that the concert can also take place in the courtyard, weather tickets can be purchased at the box office – but they can be pre-booked.

Ulrich Tukur & The Rhythm Boys: Four men in suits behind red seats

Where: Rose Garden, Park Am Leitz, Lottestrasse
When: From June 22 to August 7
What: Theater, musicals, concerts, cabaret, dance and readings
On the scene: including The Rocky Horror Show, The Tin Drum, The Greatest Day; Autoproduction: Lotte – Musical Wetzlar
Prices: From 8 to 36 euros
Organizer’s home page: Wetzlarer festivals
Special features: The theme of this year’s festival is “The Light in Me”. The guests are bands such as Fliegen Volksbühne Frankfurt or Hessisches Landestheater Marburg, but also outstanding faces such as Ulrich Tukur & the Rhythm Boys or the artist Gayle Tufts.

Kelvin Jones, Ronan Keating, Mighty Oaks and Stefanie Heinzmann

Where: 30 sites in Rheingau and from Frankfurt via Wiesbaden to the Middle Rhine Valley
When: From June 25 to September 3
What: About 130 concerts with stars of the international music scene, from classical music through jazz to cabaret and world music
On the scene: Violinist Julia Fischer, pianist Jan Lisiecki, jazz drummer Wolfgang Haffner, also Anne-Sophie Mutter and pop musicians Stephanie Heinzmann and Laith Al-Deen.
Prices: very different prices up to over 100 euros
Organizer’s home page: Music from Rheingau festival
Special features: The Rheingau Music Festival has been held annually since 1988 and is one of the leading music festivals in Germany. The festival is traditionally opened by the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, this time with the participation of Dvořák and Mendelssohn. You will be able to hear the concert live on hr2-Kult on June 25 to be.

Where: Eppstein Castle
When: From June 25 to August 14
What: Theater, opera, musical, cabaret, live drama, theater for children
On the scene: Actors and celebrities from Eppstein Castle
Prices: Up to 41 euros
Organizer’s home page: City Epstein
Special features: Since 1986, actors from Eppstein Castle have traditionally opened the program. The latest play by the amateur drama troupe is the misidentified comedy “The Secret of the Three Tenors”.

Where: Hayn Castle in the district of Dreieicher Dreieichenhain
When: From June 30 to August 14
What: About 40 performances in the field of jazz, theater, opera, musicals, revue, cabaret, literature and concerts
On the scene: Bodo Wartke, Götz Alsmann, Anna Depenbusch or Eckart von Hirschhausen and many others
Prices: 8 to 54 euros
Organizer’s website: Castle Festival three oak groves
Special features: The tickets are traditionally selling very well: with 90 percent occupancy Dreieichenhainer they show how well festivals can run.

Where: Theater at the Kurmainzer Amtshof in Heppenheim
When: From July 15 to August 28
What: About 30 performances of the two main songs, plus guests from music, cabaret and show
On the scene: “Merry vineyard” and “CASH … and money always rushes”
Prices: From 29 to 39 euros
Organizer’s home page: festivals Heppenheim
Special features: The comedy “Wesoła vineyard” promises “intrigues, jokes and romances”, “CASH … and money flows endlessly” tells about money and lies.

Where: Sonnenberg Castle, Am Schloßberg 20 in Wiesbaden
When: July 17 to August 7
What: Theater for children and theater for adults
On the scene: Bremen Town Musicians, Hamlet and Guests.
Prices: 10.50 to 45 euros
Organizer’s home page: summer festival Wiesbaden
special features: The summer festival does not receive support from the city and has to be funded mostly through entrance fees. Therefore, those who can afford it are asked to pay more for tickets.

Where: Supreme Porcelain Manufacture
When: From July 21 to August 14
What: For about three weeks, the program includes the baroque comedy “Worschtmichels Traum oder Der König von Frankfort” in the Hebrew dialect. Michael Quast and Barock am Main-Ensemble will play
On the scene: “Worschtmichel’s Dream or King of Frankfurt” – Comedy in the Hessian dialect by Rainer Dachselt
Prices: 29 to 38 euros
Organizer’s home page: baroque Main
Special features: You should be able to speak a little Hebrew, otherwise it will be difficult from Barock am Main, subtitles are not available.

Where: College building, Orangery, Jagdschloss Kranichstein, Mathildenhöhe
When: From July 29 to August 7
What: Classic after pop, theater after cabaret
On the scene: The program is not yet fixed
Prices: In previous years from 12 euros
Organizer’s website: Darmstadter Residence Festival
Special features: The sites of the Residenzfestspiele change according to the motto that serves as a guide. Outdoor events take place in any weather. Please bring rain gear instead of umbrellas.

Where: historic district of Bad Camberg
When: From 19 to 26 August
What: Pure theater!
On the scene: The Bad Camberger Festspiele Association presents Agatha Christie’s “Bouquet of Wax Flowers” as a play.
Cards: Brück cigar house; Limburger Strasse 3; 65520 Bad Camberg
Organizer’s website: Bad Camberger festivals
Special features: The performance did not exist in the theatrical version before.

The Brothers Grimm festival in Kassel

Where: The focus should be on the botanical garden
When: on vacation the exact date is not yet established
What: Children’s theater (from 3 years old) and a fairy-tale musical (from 6 years old)
On the scene: The fairy tale Grimm as a musical in a new version and events in a theater tent, such as a children’s theater and concerts for children.
Prices: when planning
Organizer’s home page: Brothers Grimm Festival

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