VapoWasp from “The Lion’s Den”: No more annoying wasps! THIS is what the DHDL Smoking Box is really good for

The smoking box from VapoWesp is designed to reliably ward off annoying wasps without killing them. This is what the founders of Vox are promising The Lion’s Den. But how good is a really summer gadget? We did the test.

In summer, there is probably nothing more annoying than the intrusive wasps.
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In summer, many people lean towards the garden or on the balcony to eat together. But often intrusive and aggressive wasps spoil the pleasure. VapoWasp should ward off uninvited guests without harming them. In the Vox program “Dena the lionfounders Claudia and Leslie Eckert present their invention.

The Lion’s Den 2022: Drive Off Annoying Wasps With A Smoking Box From VapoWesp

“Wasps can be annoying, but they’re an important part of our ecosystem. That’s why we want to keep them out naturally with VapoWesp, ”explains Claudia Eckert. “Thanks to the proven home remedy, smoldering coffee, we use the wasps instinct and do not harm them. They stay away because the smoke signals them danger. ” Thanks to the VapoBox smoking attachment, it should be particularly easy to burn ground coffee safely and to regulate the smoke. You can also make the smell of roasted coffee even more pleasant by adding VapoPowder.

DHDL 2022: How to Use VapoWasp Incense Box from The Lion’s Den

Using VapoWesp is very easy. First you put a teaspoon of VapoPowder and two teaspoons of coffee powder into the stainless steel bowl of the smoker. Now light the mixture of coffee and herbs with a long match or a long lighter. If the powder starts to glow, put the stainless steel lid on the bowl and you can now regulate the smoke. The cooled and burnt powder can then be used as fertilizer. But does the VapoWesp smoking box really work as well as it should? We tested and checked the promises made by the manufacturers.

VapoWasp incense from “The Lion’s Den” in the test: The wasp gadget is really that good

Using the VapoWesp Smoker Set is as simple as promised. VapoPowder is available in three different fragrances. We tried “Orange & Rosemary” because we found it smelled best. It is a bit like a Mediterranean vacation. For the test, we also used dried coffee grounds instead of fresh coffee powder.

The VapoWesp smoking box is intended for stripping wasp.
Photo: VapoWesp, DS products

The mixture of coffee and herbs started to smolder quickly and produced a lot of smoke, but the slider was very easy to adjust. Nothing happened. Then we placed the box on a small table next to the coffee table in the garden so that the smoke did not spread directly over the table. The burning time seemed very long. Two teaspoons of coffee grounds and one teaspoon of vaporizing powder burned for about two hours. The wasps were not visible then. However, it cannot be said whether it was caused by the smoke from VapoWasp or just a coincidence. Our conclusion: for all those who eat outdoors frequently and are bothered by wasps, the VapoWesp can be an absolute game change. There is another plus as there is no waste and the burnt powder can be used as fertilizer.

VapoWesp from DHLL: value for money

But is the price justified? The VapoWesp smoking box is currently available at and in stores for € 29.99. VapoPowder is available in the following fragrances: Lemon & Basil with Lemon and Basil, Hay Flowers & Thyme with Hay Flowers and Thyme and Orange & Rosemary with Orange Peel and Rosemary. A package of 100 grams costs 7.99 euro.

Usually a heat-resistant container is enough for the ground coffee to burn and chase away the wasps. For comparison, the VapoWesp smoker not only looks nicer, but also allows you to regulate the smoke. However, everyone has to decide for himself whether it is worth investing in the summer without wasps.

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