WWF project receives Traumtaler in the amount of over 1.5 million euro / Funds from the German Postal Code Lottery for the restoration of rivers

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Berlin, May 24, 2022: Another major WWF Germany project received generous funding from the German Postal Code Lottery. This lends them more than 1.5 million euros to the Traumtaler for the WWF’s river restoration project. The goal is to reconnect river habitats with each other by removing transverse structures. To date, there are approximately 57,000 waterfalls, weirs and other dams on the rivers and streams of Bavaria alone, most of which impede fish migration and destroy typical river habitats. The most effective way to bring rivers back to life is to remove barriers, especially as many have lost their original purpose and are still blocking waterways.

The Traumtaler Project is based at the WWF office in Weilheim. The aim is to find out where dismantling is possible and brings the greatest ecological added value. To prevent the costs of restoration from exploding, innovative forms of auctions developed in Finland are being tried to identify objects with the best cost-benefit ratio. In addition, the funding is aimed at better protection of the last, close to natural stretches of water. To this end, the Swiss brand “GewasserPERLENS PLUS” is to be established in Bavaria. Regional actors who deal with their river and recognize its specific features, may – after developing the concept of protection and development – apply for it and thus become its sponsors.

Christoph Heinrich, Director of Nature Conservation at WWF Germany, said: “I am delighted that our Lebendige Flusse project has received a Traumtaler from the German Postal Code Lottery! In this way, the lottery makes an important contribution to the return of migratory fish and river habitat networks. These are important steps to enhance Germany’s severely endangered biodiversity and particularly endangered freshwater habitats. ‘

“We have a special responsibility to protect our nature and the environment,” said Friederike Behrends, general manager of the German Postal Code Lottery, and explained the choice of this unique WWF project: “A healthy and rich animal and plant world is the basis of a functioning ecosystem – and without it we humans , we are not able to survive, so we are very pleased to give WWF the opportunity for the first time this year to live with the “Traumtaler” award and the associated EUR 1.5 million back into our rivers – because everyone benefits from it after all. At this point, I would also like to thank all the participants *, without whose commitment this award would not have been possible! “

Sigrun Lange, Project Leader, said: “At first I couldn’t believe that our Weilheim project with Traumtaler won the German postal code lottery. The funding now allows us to test innovative approaches from other countries and such to pave the way for more free-flowing streams and rivers. The timeline couldn’t be more appropriate: as part of the EU’s biodiversity strategy, the European Commission has set itself a target of 25,000 kilometers of free-flowing river stretches by 2030. We want to contribute to this.

The WWF office in Weilheim has been dedicated to water protection for over ten years. In 2014-2021 WWF coordinated the project “Alpine River Landscapes” (http://www.alpenflusslandschaften.de) and worked with many partners to improve the ecological situation of Ammer, Isar and Lech. In 2021, he organized a conference “Dam removal goes to the Alps” with national and international associations and in the same year removed a useless weir in Baunach, Franconia.

The German Postal Code Lottery is a private, state social lottery. Since 2016, the lottery has raised € 100 million and supported over 3,300 charity projects and non-profit goals for people and nature. Together with the current Traumtaler funding, approximately three million euros from the Postal Code Lottery will flow to WWF Germany projects. For example, wildlife corridors have been supported for the return of the bald ibis to Germany, jungle trails in Thuringia, and campaigns to rescue “ghost nets” from the sea.

You can use the photos from the check handover for free by providing the source “Florian Vangierdegom / Postcode Lottery” and download them here: https://media.wwf.de/pinaccess/showpin.do?pinCode=NBDVbq7tYqZk

In the photo: Sigrun Lange, WWF Office Weilheim and Dr. Christian Hof, Member of the Advisory Board of the German Postal Code Lottery.

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