Bad Wörishofen: Traditions come to life at the Bad Wörishofen festival in May

Big crowds in the dance procession in Bad Wörishofen. It also discusses why the panty is not in a pedestrianized area.

May has come, and with it a whole range of the most beautiful colors. Young green shines in all shades. But it wasn’t just the spring people missed. After two years of abstinence caused by Corona, there was great joy at the Maifest. People lined the streets and clapped their hands as the Christmas parade passed from the Kurhaus via the Kneippstrasse to the May post at the Haus zum Gugger.

Rainer Wörz, the conductor of the city band, marched at the front, leading a procession of traditional costumes and musicians through May. Upon arrival at the fairgrounds, Sebastian Seemüller from the “Alpenblick” Folk Costumes Association in Bad Wörishofen welcomed the large number of spectators. Mayor Stefan Welzel also emphasized the joy that after 2019 we can celebrate such a great festival in May again.

The band from Bad Wörishofen played at the festival in May and welcomed a happy month with the guests.

Photo: Maria Schmid

Richard Sauter played the accordion in the usual, sovereign way for the youngest who learn the customs of the traditional costumes association. The city team then took over the dances of adults in Miesbach and Old Swabian costumes. It was mostly the youngest members that put a smile on the faces of the audience and you could still hear, “Oh, they’re cute!” Yes, the young are enthusiastic. There is laughter, older young people learn how to do it, and then there is also clapping to the right places or walking in circles.

The “Holzjägerbuam” provided fun at the Bad Wörishofen town festival in May and the local association of traditional costumes “Alpenblick”.

Photo: Maria Schmid

Holzhackerbuam brought a large tree trunk onto the stage. Of course, they were also equipped with saws and hatchets. Then fries flew. The highlight was the dance of the band. The boys and girls took long blue and white ribbons in the colors of the Free State of Bavaria that had previously been attached to a May tree and stacked them diagonally on top of each other as they danced around the tree.

Since in the last two years the national costume association was not allowed to put up a large May-house in front of the Haus zum Gugger due to the crown, workers in the city’s building courtyard managed to put a smaller tree on the roundabout in front of the building. Kurtheater.

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Bad Wörishofen welcomed May with a parade and dancing around the May tree.  Great costumes attracted numerous visitors.

Fun at the Maifest with a parade in Bad Wörishofen

Photo: Maria Schmid

Some have asked themselves, “Why can’t you always put up a picnic in front of the Kurtheater?” Georg Schmid, chairman of the “Alpenblick” Folk Costumes Association, says that the flagpole was placed in front of the theater. Kulturhaus zum Gugger since 1986. Earlier, with the exception of the Second World War, it was customary to set May in a traditional place on Viktoriawiesen. However, as the meadows were very wet and there was a risk that the heavy vehicles and stage stability were not ensured, the campaign was moved to a location currently used after the sale of the former farm. May cannot be put in front of the Kurhaus, which is over 40 meters high, as it is now at the Guggerhaus. The space is not passable for heavy vehicles. Hilde Seidel is now 86 years old. She already danced in the children’s group at the age of 12.

Of course, the customer flag could not be missing from the parade through the center of Bad Wörishofen.

Photo: Maria Schmid

It is not only the oldest, but also the longest actively dancing. She remembers perfectly well that back then the panties were still lifted with poles and physical strength, while today the feat of strength is taken over by the crane. Dancing around the May tree was one of the most beautiful experiences in her life.

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