Bluetooth party speakers tested: who creates the mood?

Some call it Father’s Day, others the Lord’s Day – anyway: Ascension Day is used by many for extensive celebrations. Of course, the right speakers for loud party rhythms should not be missing. Bluetooth speakers are welcome guests at any party as they play music wirelessly and easily from players such as smartphones and laptops. But which box brings the most mood? COMPUTER BILD has tested various party speakers with Bluetooth.

The best bluetooth speakers

JBL sound

Extreme 3

JBL sound

Rockster Cross


D Good 2


lot 4

JBL sound

Rockster Go


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Tribit sound

Discover Beosound

Bang & Olufsen

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Party columns in the test: what is important?

The location and purpose of the Bluetooth speaker determine the decision. Should it be a subtle accompaniment with a beer after work or dance the entire party hall? These questions can be used to determine how big and loud the box should be and what extras it should offer. The large model usually provides more power and thus provides a higher maximum volume. Depending on the model, extras such as lighting effects, instrument connections or USB charging sockets are included. The degree of IP protection determines the strength of the box. The marking shows if a party speaker can withstand an involuntary trip to the pool or should stay away from any liquids.

Rocks the party barn: the JBL Partybox 710

  • Good bass
  • Chic lighting
  • laundered heights
  • Mains power only

The JBL Partybox 710 is intended for stationary use. Requires an electrical outlet as there is no built-in battery. Despite the practical wheels, the transport of the box, which weighs almost 28 kg, is not easy. It looks great in a party room, in the garden or in the clubhouse. It gives a balanced and very powerful sound. In the test, it reached 105 decibels, which is also enough for larger celebrations. For more power, a second party box can be connected. For more fun while partying, there are instrument connectors and various adjustable lighting effects on board. Beer splashes do not disturb the near-wireless speaker thanks to the IPX4 housing. Price at the time of testing: 740 euros.

On the road: Teufel Rockster Air

  • Slightly directional sound

The Teufel Rockster Air (test price: 600 euros) is half the weight and half the weight of the JBL party tower. Its case is protected against puddles and rain. But the devil’s roast shouldn’t be swimming. In the test, Rockster Air not only liked the powerful sound: it managed to achieve a deafening 111 decibels. The battery life of over 33 hours is also impressive. The box is therefore also suitable for camping events. Practical: A carrying strap is included, which makes it easy to take the Rockster Air to the lake or to the garden. If you can do without extras, such as instrument combinations, you can use JBL Boombox 2 (price at the time of testing: 390 euros). The current leader in the Bluetooth speaker leaderboard is less loud but more handy – and withstands a 30-minute dive in 1 meter deep water.
  • Powerful sound
  • Very long battery life
  • Sounds a bit boring
  • No tone control on device

For small celebrations: Tribit Stormbox Pro

  • Good service
  • Dust- and waterproof (IP67)
  • slightly cloudy voices
  • No stereo input (mini jack)

The Tribit Stormbox Pro, which costs 120 euros (price at the time of testing), is just right for a gentle sprinkler at an after-work meeting or for a small grill. The waterproof box (protection class IPX7) weighs only 1 kilogram. In the test, he was particularly convincing with clean bass and clean mids and highs. The battery is more than decent, and with a runtime of 28 hours and six minutes, it will survive any celebration with ease. Party participants shouldn’t expect too much power, however, as the maximum volume of 81 decibels is simply too low. If volume is more important than battery life, the Marshall Emberton (price at the time of testing: 124 euros) is the right choice. Although it only played 14 hours and 51 minutes, it hit a loud 97 decibels and the little rocker is also eye-catching.
  • Powerful sound
  • Very easy to use
  • A bit quiet inside
  • No connections

Bluetooth party speakers in the test: a conclusion

There is a suitable box for every event: JBL 710 party box makes the party barn tremble and, thanks to the various connections, is also suitable for karaoke fans. It is more mobile but still very powerful Teufel Rockster Airwhich is not only deafeningly loud, but also sounds great. Suitable for small and rather cozy groups Tribit Stormbox Prowhich works day and night thanks to the long-lasting battery.

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