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The small Zoom club is following its big footsteps: it moves from Frankfurt city center to the premises of the former Cocoon Sven Väth spacecraft and begins with electro evenings. In the conversation, the operator explains what changes and what remains.

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Zoom CEO: “It’s also a tribute to Cocoon”

In the cafe area of ​​Zoom, plants hang from the bar

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House sold, lease closed – Zoom Club’s time in the center of Frankfurt has passed in the midst of the crown pandemic. Zoom then moved to the former techno club Cocoon, founded in 2004 by DJ Sven Väth and closed in 2012 for bankruptcy. Now opening is finally possible. In an interview with operator Eva Daniels explains why the operators hold the venerable Cocoon firmly in their hearts and it is still clearly visible, but why the zoom wants to be something completely unique and different. The first concert starts on Wednesday, and the electro festival with “Soft Planet” will take place on the weekend. From downtown to Fechenheim, from a small club to a very large club – why this major change?

Eva Daniels: We were forced to move. The house on Brönnerstrasse was sold and we had to look for something new. We didn’t really want to grow or leave at all. But there just wasn’t a place in town of the same size to get like the old Zoom. The city center is losing its place of culture again. And enlarge the location in the city center. How hard is this hitting everyone involved?

Eva Daniels: Well, now the zoom can and will continue to develop. Now you have to find out if going here will be a problem for the public. I think people will definitely come to the concerts. But downtown walkers don’t get lost here, that’s for sure. That is why classic club evenings, ie “Hit Happens” events, will cease to exist for now. How difficult was it to say goodbye to the old rooms? It was impossible to celebrate properly because of Corona …

Eva Daniels: We couldn’t say goodbye with dignity. At the end of December 2020/21 we were all closed, nothing was working. So we left the old Zoom almost speechlessly, ordered a truck to move, and left. It was sad. Now we are all very happy that it is finally happening. Zoom in the Cocoon – what kind of club is this? What’s different, what’s new?

Eva Daniels: Our concept is to make culture a reality. In any case, it will be mostly concerts. But there will also be club nights, now mainly with electronic music. And then we also have promotions planned. For example, the Chinese National Circus will come to us for a week. I can’t quite imagine it either, but they will come. In this respect, we are also an extended cultural area. These are the rooms of Sven Väth’s former Cocoon. Part of the iconic surface structure of the iconic club has been preserved. Tribute?

Set of paintings: A large concert hall in a new magnification with an old honeycomb structure on the wall in cool shades of gray and a colorful bar in front of it.

Eva Daniels: Yes, it’s a tribute to Cocoon. I think it is justified and we also feel committed to history. The cocoon was simply a cultural institution that is second to none. But we are also different, because our mainstay are concert events. This is now an approximation – admiringly, but it will be something of its own. Our target group is young. And the people who dance here may not remember the Cocoon at all. They are seeing it all for the first time. But the elders will surely have the same feeling as before. The cocoon is a nice reminder. There is really a lot more space in the new zoom. What is it used for?

Eva Daniels: We have a chance here in two stages. Once a large main stage, and then a second stage in the so-called cafes. It is a space where people can hang out after or before concerts, including eating and drinking. They should be fine and want to stay after the concert. This room is about the same size as our old zoom, a bit like the old zoom in the new zoom. And there may still be teams that do not yet fill the large room. The electro-pop band 2Raumwohnung and the electro festival “Soft Planet” are opening the new Zoom. Does this set a topic for the future?

Eva Daniels: Yes, we set the tone for that, the string is clearly electro. But it will develop a lot over time, because then we will have artists from other genres here as well. The Notwist, The Stranglers, Ezra Furman and Alice Merton are already on the plans. And the bands that grew too big for the old Zoom but fit very well here are Monolink, Jeremias, Aminé or Madeline Juno, they will all come. This is a good mix and shows that we are not focused only on electronics.

The interview was conducted Katarzyna Kimpel.

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