Emotions are high just before the end

In the district league’s highest game between Raspo Brand and SV Helpenstein, both teams give nothing.

After that, there were no more obstacles, Raspo players and coaches stormed the field and celebrated the equalization as a victory. The verbal repercussions had consequences for Coach Brander, who saw the red card after a rather harmless hustle and bustle and had to keep an eye on the last few seconds behind the railing. Ultimately, there was a 1: 1 (0: 1) left between Brand’s top runners and SV Helpenstein chasers. The Season 4 title fight remains an open race.

“Today we are leaving the field as moral winners, although the late equalizer is obviously bitter,” concluded Andre Lehnen shortly after the final whistle. “We still have four games ahead of us, Raspo only two. So we can still do something for our goal difference, added the Helpenstein coach, who is still undefeated with his team in the league. His opponent had to pull himself back after an emotional roller coaster ride. “The equalizer was well deserved. We were the deciding team for the game, “said Daniel Formberg, adding in one breath,” I don’t think Helpenstein will win all four other games. ” However, if that happens and if Brand also wins then it will have to draw in the end, the aforementioned goal difference will decide the promotion.

The hosts had a better start in front of around 500 fans at Brander Wolferskaul. The green-and-whites were still looking for their Delany Arigbe storm tank, over which the visitors had held up well throughout the match. Raspo had more ball possession and tried to build the game accordingly. On the other hand, Helpenstein waited for his chance with a quick game change, but the last pass was not precise. SV’s lead was then a standard situation: after a corner from the right, high center-back Lukas Appel was completely free and directed the ball under the crossbar – 1-0 (38th). So it went with a flattering tour of the guests in the cabins.

Brander had a scream of goal on his lips after the switch of sides, but Moritz Pomp’s shot sprang back onto the field from the lower edge of the crossbar (51 ‘). A little later, after a confrontation with Hendrik Höfels, Brand’s defense chief Torsten Kreutz was writhing in pain on the ground. After consulting with the linesman, the referee showed the Helpenstein defender a red card. When asked, the prudent judging panel said Helpensteiner abused Brander with his elbow in the abdominal area. Torsten Kreutz had had two good shots in two actions earlier and there wasn’t even a yellow card. On the other hand, our player is immediately thrown out with a red card, which in my opinion was a bit exaggerated, “commented the controversial Lehnen scene.

Despite the superiority in numbers, the duel at eye level remained. Despite the clear advantage on the pitch, Raspo did not find a decisive advantage until shortly before the end, and Helpenstein sacrificed his lead on artificial turf in summer temperatures. Fifteen minutes from time, Formberg moved from the fourth defender to the third defender and ordered the Hesse defender to move forward. Successfully as it should be in the fourth minute of downtime at 1: 1. “The late equalizer was annoying and coach Brand’s provocation was totally over the top. He rightly saw the red card, ”emphasized Lehnen. Even the “sinner” agreed, but a day later apologized to Lehnen for “unnecessary action.” “There shouldn’t be that saying. Nevertheless, we showed that we are the best team in the league in terms of the game.

Due to a tie in the top game, the promotion race remains fully open. Next Thursday (15:00), Helpenstein may reduce Brand’s six-point deficit with a catch-up win against Jugendsport Wenau.

Raspo Brand – Helpenstein 1: 1: 0: 1 Appel (38th), 1: 1 Hesse (90th + 4)

Red: Höfels (59./Helpenstein), Formberg (90. + 5 / brand)

Heinsberg-Lieck 2-2 Waldenrath-Straeten: 1-0 Bungudi (41 ‘), 2-0 Tomas Morais Cobra (52’), 2-1, 2-2 Scheuvens (68 ‘/ penalty, 70’)

Vaalserquartier – Eicherscheid 2: 2: 0: 1 Gibbons (19th), 0: 2 Krings (59th), 1: 2 Kaltenborn (72nd), 2: 2 Jansen (90th + 3)

Oidtweiler – Roetgen 1: 3: 0: 1 Kohl (6th), 0: 2 Witt (31st), 1: 2 Lüttgens (46th), 1: 3 basket (76th)

Wenau – Dremmen 0-0

VfR Würselen – SG Stolberg 2: 5: 1: 0 Beqiri (24), 1: 1 Passenheim (36 / penalty), 1: 2 Gouider (42), 2: 2 Braun (58), 2: 3 Lehmann (68 ‘), 2-4 Own Goal (78’), 2-5 Lamb (81 ‘)

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