Innovation Day 2022 at the RheinLand Group

The company is based in Neuss
RheinLand shows its innovative power

During the “Innovation Day”, over 600 employees of the RheinLand Group dealt with the topics of the future. Innovative solutions to the challenges of that time were presented in three stages. Visit.

The sentence sets the direction. Let it roll calls on Arne Barinka, member of the board of the RheinLand insurance group, to more than 600 participants in the “Innovation Day” at the company’s headquarters in Neuss. It is a signal to start an exciting day that not only gives you an insight into how the RheinLand Group is driving its growth with drive and innovation.

Because in addition to the exhibition, it is also a look, exchange and thinking about the future. It’s actually a triad. “It’s a day when you can look back, look around and look ahead,” says Barinka. Innovation, ingenuity and motivation have made RheinLand strong. The Innovation Day shows: it is uninterrupted and fueled by mutual exchange.

Because the “Innovation Day” is the “Rhineland Day for the Rhinelanders”. More than 600 employees, including colleagues from the Netherlands, meet and deal with megatrends and future topics. In three stages, the project teams, board members, management and experts from the RheinLand Group provide insight into the challenges they face and innovative solutions.

These include ‘digital assistants’, ‘The RheinLand in the cloud’, global sustainability, a management culture, a new world of work and product design. Not only “Rheinländer” will be speaking, but also startup representatives and external speakers such as Florian Dreifus (SAP), Raimund C. Ohnemus (BMW Bank), Jörn Everhard (Bank11) and Uwe Schumacher (Domcura).

But it doesn’t matter if the stimulus comes from outside or from RheinLand: the program shows around the world what the innovative spirit also means – namely being on the move, opening up to new perspectives, perspectives and impulses. Initially, Dace Daldere, Innovation Advisor at RheinLand Group, emphasized that innovation is not anything abstract, but is shaped here and now – by people, on site, together. This is also the basic idea behind the “Innovation Day” that RheinLand is organizing for the second time. “In the future, it will take place every two years,” explains Arne Barinka. “There will be an ‘Innovation Week’ in the coming years.” Workshops are then planned to deepen and develop the topics.

The Innovation Day focuses on three questions. First: what drives the industry? Second: What moves us? Third: what are we moving about? ”They say. And there is not only a lot to discover, but also rewards. As part of the “Innovation Day”, RheinLand presents three of its own projects awarded with “Innovation Awards”. The competition is divided into the categories “Biggest Milestone”, “Highest Customer Benefit” and “Most Creative Achievement”. The awards were presented for the first time in 2021, and the Management Board appreciated the achievements that are a model for the culture of innovation of the RheinLand Group.

The awards also show how meticulously you think and shape the future in the company. The future workshop, which opened in 2019, plays a central role in this. The first “Innovation Day” was also held at that time. Thanks to Corona, the second edition has already arrived, which makes us look forward to the next ones.

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