Parklichter 2022 in Bad Oeynhausen: all 7,000 concert tickets have been sold

Headliners are known so far “Fury in the slaughterhouse‘and bands’The Garden of Fools” and “Ballou the cat“. In conclusion, Staatsbad GmbH as organizer of the parking light weekend (August 12-14, 2022) several new ways to have a summer party in Kurpark.

“We are in the process of winning more performances for Friday night,” reveals Thomas Mihajlovic, project manager for parking lights. The final line-up for the Parklichter concert will probably not be available until July.

Evergreens on Saturday

Especially for Saturday, he and Staatsbad manager Beate Krämer came up with something in collaboration with music actress and pop singer Maricel Wölk. With the title “Unforgettable – the greatest hits in films and music of the last 100 years”, visitors will be able to admire a “probably unique” stage program with famous musical faces such as the American David E. Moore of New York. Singer Amanda Whitford and the musical -Stars Jessica Kessler are offered and Mathias Edenborn. “We also aim to involve local dance and music schools in a 75-minute live show,” says Maricel Wölk. Hanover takes over the coordination of the program with famous hits such as “The Preacher’s Son”, “Satisfaction” and “You Can Leave Your Hat On.” The performance is shown on the Parklichter outdoor stage in front of Badehaus II.

After the show, there are fireworks synchronized with the music under the same motto. “It’s not scheduled for 23:30 this year,” says Thomas Mihajlovic. Approval has already been granted, “we must be ready by midnight.” One of the reasons for the later start date of the high-altitude fireworks display by Bielefeld pyrotechnics specialist of “Flash Art” is that visitors to the park light show, which has traditionally been particularly popular with Bad Oeynhausen residents. On Saturdays, spend more time on the “extensive accompanying program” that is scheduled in addition to the music show and fireworks. “For example, in the case of lighting installations in Kurpark or in a nostalgic market,” says Beate Krämer.

Maricel Wölk will perform in his show the best hits of the last 100 years with his music colleagues. Picture: Cornelia Oertel

Advance tickets are now also available for Saturday Parklichter. “Tickets in three price categories are now available at the guesthouse,” says Beate Krämer. Staatsbad GmbH is expecting over 10,000 visitors on Saturday.

With a new partner

According to Beate Krämer, Westfalica GmbH will no longer be the main partner and sponsor of family Sunday for “internal reasons”. “We received the appeal last year,” he explains. In the case of Sparkasse Bad Oeynhausen-Porta Westfalica, however, the managing director quickly found a suitable replacement “who will be enthusiastic about arranging a great program with us”.

“We didn’t even have to be persuaded to sponsor,” says Matthias Paschke, CEO of Sparkasse Bad Oeynhausen-Porta Westfalica. Markus Krawietz, colleague from the board, adds: “It was extremely important to us that family Sunday lasted, so we quickly promised a five-figure grant.”

clubs involved

The program, explains Thomas Mihajlovic, is currently being developed. “It is certain that many Bad Oeynhausen clubs will be involved again. We already have obligations, ”says Mihajlovic. In addition to games and games at Kurpark’s playgrounds and a nostalgic fair, “Frank and his friends” appear on the stage with a fidget and other mascots.

Family Sunday falls on Sunday, August 14 from 11am to 6pm in the Kurpark. Entry is free. “For years, this has been another major attraction of parking lights. This day makes the whole event a versatile experience for everyone, ”says Beate Krämer.

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