Strength in arms and fun in dancing: Pomdancer TG Hanau competes in the German championship

Cheerleaders TG Hanau Vivien Müller, Emilia Barth, Helene Urbaniak and Fiona Ansmann (from left) have been practicing their choreographies for over half a year.

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This Saturday (May 28, 2022) in Mülheim an der Ruhr will be the German Cheerleading Championship for the first time since the beginning of the crown pandemic. There will be three teams in the TG Hanau cheerleading department, in different categories and age groups. In addition to the five-person group stunt, double dancer Fiona Ansmann and Vivien Müller in the 12-16 age group and Helene Urbaniak and Emilia Barth in the seniors are hoping for the title of German champion.

Hanau – Qualifying for the German Championship was not a real challenge for the two double pom dancers. At the state championship in Bensheim at the end of April, the girls trained by Monique Ansmann were the only ones competing in their age group. Thus, the first place and the related qualification for the German Championship were certain from the very beginning.

After all, it was a welcome rehearsal for the brothers Grimm from the city ahead of the decisive competition this weekend. After all, they have not shown up much under competitive conditions since the start of the pandemic. “The performance was very useful to us. The choreography we showed at the state championship is the same as at the upcoming German championship. So you saw at the state championship where there was still room for improvement and where there was still room for improvement in the four weeks leading up to the German championship, ”says the 40-year-old coach from Maintal, classifying the importance of the competition.

Good endurance and strength in the arms

Double Pomdancer of the TG Hanau team has been working on the choreography for over six months. Dancing with pompoms involves the artistic use of pompoms that cheerleaders hold in their hands. In addition to good endurance, you also need a lot of strength in your arms. But to be truly successful in the end, it takes more than that, explains 14-year-old Fiona Ansmann, daughter of the trainer: “First of all, you have to enjoy dancing. In addition, a good relationship with your partner is extremely important. If that’s not true and you don’t move in sync, all the choreography isn’t working. So you definitely have to trust yourself. And this is the case with us. We all get along very well and we are like one big family. “

For a student, this is not the first German championship in which she is competing. She is still intentionally relaxed, even as she admits it is “obviously something special and exciting” to come back to such a big competition after so long.

The trainer is more excited than her players during the performance

On the other hand, her mother is less relaxed on the day she makes the decision. “At the state championship, I felt very nervous. I was very tense during my girlfriends’ one-minute shows. I was an absolute wreck and definitely more nervous than they were. You train for so long and then everything is decided in those few moments where everything has to be in place, ”says Monique Ansmann, who was part of the Rüsselsheim Razorbacks cheerleading squad until 2007. emotional world.

The ambitious coach has a clear goal for next Saturday: “I’m in a good mood that at least one pair will win the German championship in their age group.” It will not be easy. Juniors Fiona Ansmann and Vivien Müller have to fight against three other pairs. There are even four pairs of senior women in the competition with Hanau Helene Urbaniak and Emilia Barth. “After Corona, the competition is difficult to assess. The cards have now been completely reshuffled, ”says a trained businesswoman and therefore wants to fully concentrate on her performance.

Her daughter also has one goal: the upcoming European Championship. To that end, she and her partner would have to take at least third place. However, due to the crown, it is still unclear whether they will even take place at all. (by Nils Moock)

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