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Organizers, exhibitors or guests – the votes for HIGH END 2022, which on May 19-22 in Munich celebrated their successful return, sound unanimous. After a forced pandemic hiatus, the international audio trade fair was particularly characterized by emotional and pure passion. Both the great joy of long-missed personal meetings and the enthusiasm for the numerous presented innovations ensured an invariably positive atmosphere among the exhibitors and a total of 19,767 visitors in the MOC halls and atriums.

Intoxicating atmosphere throughout the exhibition grounds

Stefan Dreischärf, Managing Director of the organizer of HIGH END SOCIETY Service GmbH, was extremely pleased with the course of the four-day audio fair. After a successful reboot, the optimistic expectations were more than met. “HIGH END is back and we are pleased that it has been so successful,” says Dreischärf. “The response from our exhibitors, but also from the specialist audience, visitors and the press was overwhelming.” Finally, being able to touch something again, enjoy music, sound and loudness with all your senses, or be able to better judge the size of an event – these are the various impressions that the experienced trade fair manager and his team captured from participants during the trade fair course.

Encouraging the extension of industry visiting days

The organizer’s decision to increase the focus on B2B business was very well received. Many trade visitors from 80 countries came to Munich in order not to miss a visit to HIGH END. After all, the industry had a lot of catching up to do. After intense discussions and face-to-face business deals, experts missed it all, and this year, for the first time since the inception of the audio trade show, they even managed to do so for two B2B days. The exhibitors had plenty of time to contact their customers, exchange ideas and do business. A lot has happened in the audio industry since the last HIGH END in May 2019. Whether it is new production methods or new materials, manufacturers have used the last three years to further develop their products and bring innovative technologies to the market. You could admire both traditional manual work and components from a 3D printer. 450 exhibitors from 40 countries were represented on 28,000 square meters in the MOC halls and atrium to showcase their exciting innovations in the field of consumer electronics. They speak of an international reach presented at the world’s leading audio fair. Among the 800 presented brands, there were many well-known, recognized brands, but there were also emerging young companies, which the organizer granted, among others, stands in the area of ​​start-ups. The catalogs in the “Soundmunich” trade fair magazine and in the newly launched HIGH-END application, which also included other useful functions to facilitate orientation at the fair, were helpful in the search.

Alan Parsons is an approachable guest of honor

A special attraction of HIGH END 2022 for numerous visitors was the presence of the brand ambassador, Alan Parsons. At the organizer’s press conference on the opening day, the music legend was chatting and presented media representatives with interesting insights into his work as a sound engineer, music producer and musician. Just two days earlier, a Briton, who had been living in the United States for several years, received the OBE award from Prince William in London. With admission to the knightly order, the British crown honors special services in the field of art and science.

Alan Parsons got a glimpse of the many beaming faces on Saturday during the autograph sessions for which tickets had previously been raffled off. The lucky fans who received one of the coveted slots had their autographs of the idol not only of vinyl records, but also of unusual items such as a silver microphone, a petrified shell or an antique transistor radio. The outstanding artist devoted time to a personal dedication and a few personal words for each individual. Apparently impressed by the HIGH END dimensions and the international atmosphere of the exhibition grounds, Parsons stopped by one or the other exhibitor and listened with interest to the technical details explained to him.

Incredible enthusiasm and great variety on public days

Even hi-fi enthusiasts and music lovers could not help but surprise at the weekend. As in the days before, the halls and corridors were well packed and voices could be heard in many languages. All available Saturday and Sunday tickets are sold out. For visitors, HIGH END 2022 was an eventful live event with a mesmerizing audio experience and impressive shows. From intelligent streaming solutions to modern turntables, classic tube amplifiers and proven two-channel technology, it has everything an audiophile’s heart could want. In the world of headphones, you could try and compare many different models, and the Soundsclever systems presented were met with great encouragement from potential end customers. Because you can also enjoy high-end at lower prices. The completely playable systems are offered for a maximum of 5000 euros and make it easy for interested newcomers to start an exclusive hobby.

Those who wanted to listen to live music got their money on Saturday evening. At the unique concert of the American singer Lori Lieberman, the audience was charmed by the atmospheric singing and resonant instruments. Accompanied by CSQ – Christian Schumacher Quartet from Munich, the singer and songwriter debuted with her new album “Truly”.

The IPS subcontractors’ fair was well received

The young IPS – International Parts + Supply, which celebrated its premiere this year at the same time as the B2B HIGH END days, was also positively received. The represented companies were consistently satisfied with the organization and the number of visitors, and reported on successful business meetings. They are very happy if this additional event continues in the coming year and other suppliers enrich the exhibition.

After the fair, it is before the fair

The organizing team did everything possible during HIGH END 2022 to ensure that the reboot was successful and that everyone involved could look back on a successful show. The four days showed that both face-to-face meetings and live experiences with all the senses are essential to the audio industry. The fair will continue to be an important driver of the economic success of companies, and will also generate incomparable emotions.

So the next HIGH END may come. The date is from 18 to 21 May 2023 as usual at MOC Munich.


HIGH END – the world-renowned audio fair – sets the unquestionable tone of the highest-quality music reproduction. For four decades, it has been a source of inspiration for manufacturers, retailers and consumers of high-quality consumer electronics. For four days in May, the entire world of professionals meets in Munich, when hundreds of exhibitors from around 40 countries present their innovations in MOC halls and atriums.

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