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For the fourth time the German Postal Code Lottery awards the “Traumtaler” for a visionary and bold project that is particularly innovative and ecologically sustainable and makes the world a better place for people and nature. WWF Germany received a “Traumtaler” for 2021 worth 1.5 million euros for the “Living Rivers” project.

Special award for WWF Germany: The nature and environmental protection organization received the Traumtaler of the German Postal Code Lottery in the amount of EUR 1.5 million for the project “Living Rivers”. With this project, WWF wants to highlight the value of dynamic flowing waters and emphasize their importance for flora, fauna and humans.

The goal of the WWF is to make Germany’s waters once again a species-rich biotope. The natural course of the river is often interrupted by man: hydropower plants, river straightening or detours are of great importance here. Only a few rivers are still in good ecological condition and their animals and plants are under severe threat. Therefore, the most effective way of renaturation is to dismantle barriers.

“We have a special responsibility to protect our nature and the environment,” says Friederike Behrends, CEO of the German Postal Code Lottery, and explains the choice of this unique WWF project: “A healthy and rich animal and plant world is the basis of a functioning ecosystem – and without it we humans , we can’t survive. Therefore, we are very pleased to give WWF the opportunity to restore life to restore our rivers – because everyone benefits from it, after all. At this point, I would also like to thank all the participants *, without whose commitment this award would not be possible! “

Christoph Heinrich, Director of Nature Conservation at WWF Germany, says: “I am delighted that our” Living Rivers “project has received a Traumtaler from the German Postal Code Lottery! In this way, the lottery makes an important contribution to the return of migratory fish and river habitat networks. These are important steps to enhance Germany’s severely endangered biodiversity and particularly endangered freshwater habitats. ‘

Traumtaler as an annual special promotion

For the fourth time, the Traumtaler of the German Postal Code Lottery has been awarded to a non-profit organization that realizes an extraordinary dream with particularly innovative projects. The Wuppertal association Aufbruch am Arrenberg received the first Traumtaler 2018 for € 250,000. The project “Lebendige Schulhöfe” of the local foundation from Düsseldorf was supported in 2019 with a second Traumtaler and 500,000 euros, followed by Rewilding Oder Delta eV last year with 1 million euros.

About the German Postal Code Lottery – “Win together. Help together!”

The German Postal Code Lottery is a social lottery, which means that at least 30 percent of all ticket sales go to projects in the areas of equal opportunities, social cohesion, and nature and environmental protection. Since its founding in Germany in 2016, the Postal Code Lottery has supported more than 3,500 environmental and social projects with over € 115 million. The advisory board chaired by prof. dr. Rita Sussmuth. More information at:

The concept of the postcode lottery is unique: ticket holders participate in the lottery with their ‘postcode’. It consists of the postal code of your place of residence and two automatically assigned letters for your street. The zip code covers several private households, so whole neighborhoods win together and do good at the same time. Each person can buy up to three tickets for € 12.50 each. A total of € 1,400,000 will be distributed to the monthly prize – all tickets with a drawn postcode have a share of € 700,000 and all other tickets with an associated postcode will also be shared.

International Postal Code Lotteries: Strong Together

The German postcode lottery is part of a family of international postcode lotteries that already exist in five European countries. In 1989, the first of the social lotteries was established in the Netherlands. Then Sweden, Great Britain, Germany and Norway. All Postcode lotteries have collectively raised more than 11 billion euros for charity. This made them one of the top three private funders in the world for eleven years in a row (fundraising study by UK business newspaper City AM, December 2021).

Postal ambassadors of happiness

The first ambassador of the Postal Code Lottery was Nelson Mandela, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Since then, international postcode lotteries have won many famous personalities as ambassadors such as George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Emma Thompson, Rafael Nadal, Nadia Murad, and Katarina Witt. The ambassadors of the German Postal Code Lottery are Kai Pflaume and Toni Kroos.

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