What to do when the weather is nice?

Here are 41 ideas for what you can do in nice weather. The best ideas for nice weather. (alone, with friends or family) Photo: Elovich / Shutterstock.com

Alone, with children or with a partner, with or without money – we present 41 ideas that you can implement in good weather.

Even in fine weather, there can be times when you get bored and need inspiration to create a great leisure program. The following ideas give you many opportunities to fully enjoy your free time when the weather is nice. It does not matter if you are alone, with children, with your family or in a larger group – here everyone will find attractive tips for spending free time without spending money.

1. Go hiking

If you want to enjoy nature, you should go hiking. After a little internet search, you can find beautiful hiking trails nearby. Think in advance how long you want to be on the road and, depending on your condition, pay attention to the altitude of the route. If you like cozy you can of course also go for a walk. Wine Treks are especially suitable for groups.

2. Crickets

Grilling is one of the favorite pastimes of the Germans. Every fourth grill a week during the summer (1). How about another nice barbecue evening?

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3. At the bathing lake / outdoor swimming pool

If you like water, you can of course also go to the lake or the outdoor swimming pool. With a little preparation, you can stay here longer in nice weather. You can swim together, play games or just read alone. At the bathing lake and in the outdoor swimming pool, everyone has something to offer.

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4. Beer garden

Summer time is the time for a beer garden. As soon as the weather in Germany improves again, the benches and beer tables will be set up. The garden restaurants are a good opportunity for a relaxing meeting.

5. Picnic

You can also bear the beautiful weather during the picnic. A picnic is not only always something unique, but also practical. It is free of charge and can be easily combined with other program elements such as a bicycle tour.

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6. Running

Those who like to play sports can take their fitness program outside when the weather is nice. How about jogging in the nearest park? Maybe there are fitness tracks or gymnastic parks nearby?

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7. Flea market

Flea markets are mainly held in the months of fine weather (usually from April to October) and mainly on Sundays. Lots of people like to stroll through the flea market and look for bargains.

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8. Segway trip

Have you ever ridden a Segway? Not? Segway tours are a great way to explore the city in a group when the weather is nice.

9. Get to know your own city

How well do you know your city? There are definitely some things here and there that you don’t know yet. What should tourists definitely do? Get to know your city anew, for example on a city tour.

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10. City tour

Maybe there are also cities you’ve always wanted to see? If the weather is nice, how about a road trip? If you don’t have your own car, you can also look for cheap car rental deals or take advantage of train deals.

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11. Photographing

The photo tour creates a new look at your own surroundings. When details like colors and symmetries suddenly take center stage, a walk in the woods becomes even more exciting.

12. Go camping

A useful tip for nice weather is camping. There are many options when it comes to camping. If you don’t like it just go to the next campsite. This is the freedom that camping enthusiasts value. If you have your own garden, you can try the tents here. It is a great adventure, especially for children.

13. Gardening

Of course, you can also do gardening in nice weather, as there is always something to do. Or maybe your forgotten DIY projects are still waiting in the garden to be started or continued by you?

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14. Enjoy the weather on the balcony

Just enjoy the beautiful weather on the balcony. Here you can eat, relax and have a good time.

15. Standing rowing

Standing rowing is a trend that has been around in Germany for about 10 years and is still very popular. No wonder, because in nice weather there are several reasons for SUP. It is easy because anyone can learn it very quickly. This is practical as inflatable SUP boards can be easily stowed in your luggage. And it can be done on virtually any bathing lake. SUP boards are available from around € 200 (see here on Amazon / AD).

16. Amusement parks

Take advantage of the fine weather and visit one of the many amusement parks in Germany. The action and exciting themed worlds make a day at the amusement park an unforgettable experience for young and old alike.

17. Rope track

Summer is the season for rope parks and climbing gardens. After a short briefing, everyone can complete exciting tracks and obstacles at new heights. Just search the internet for rope courses in your area. Climbing parks are usually located in forests and have different routes of varying difficulty and altitude. So everyone gets their money’s worth.

18. Paragliding

A tandem paraglider flight is a special experience. Flights usually cost between 100 and 150 euros and offer an unparalleled sense of freedom and closeness to nature.

19. Summer toboggan run

Summer toboggan runs also offer fun for young and old when the weather is nice. Let the elevator ride up the hill and then dive into the sledding whirlwind.

20. Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball is perfect for groups that want to combine fitness with fun. The fields are usually found in bathing lakes, outdoor pools or parks.

21. Canoeing

Those who like to spend time on the water can also take advantage of the nice weather to rent a kayak or kayak and sail down the nearest river.

22. Slackline

During slackline, you balance on the tape (view on Amazon / AD)which is fixed between two points. This primarily trains balance and coordination. All you need is a slackline and two trees.

23. Paintball

Paintball requires teamwork and tactical skills. As a rule, the game can be played from the age of 16. The goal is to bring the opponent’s flag at the far end of the play area to its own starting area.

24. Going to the festival

Music festivals are popular events for everyone who loves to party. Here you can dance and celebrate when the weather is nice and there is good music. If you want, even several days at a time.

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25. Go to the wildlife park

Wildlife parks are a good opportunity, especially for families, to get to know native animal species better in their natural habitat. So if you like nature, want to bring these kids closer, and want a relaxing day outdoors when the weather is nice, you’ve come to the right place.

26. Bicycle trip

If the weather is nice, how about a bike trip? If you like sports, you can also ride a mountain bike or a downhill bike.

27. Playing mini-golf

Another option is a trip to the nearest mini golf course.

28. Boating

A leisurely summer water excursion is possible with a pedalo. Pedal and explore the lake or just get carried away. Pedal boats can usually be rented for 2 or 4 people.

29. Bungee jumping

Fancy an adrenaline rush? The best kick is a bungee jump to the head.

30. Night Walk

In summer, the nights are pleasantly warm. An experience that children will especially remember is the night wandering. Everything at night seems different and, above all, more mysterious. Plan a few challenges and create excitement. A good time for night hiking is primarily cloudless nights with a full moon.

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31. Outdoor cinema

Outdoor cinemas are also one of the most beautiful attractions of summer. Watching a movie with good friends outdoors is also a nice and relaxing item on the agenda for a cozy summer night.

32nd Ice Tour

Eating ice cream is fun, especially when the weather is nice. So why not start exploring the entire ice cream parlor right away?

33. Geocaching

Geocaching uses GPS containers to search for logs provided by the community. During the search, unknown places are discovered, and we get to know known places from a completely new side, because the so-called “Boxes” are usually well thought out and creatively designed. Exciting activity in fine weather.

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34. Barefoot trail

As the name suggests, barefoot trails include barefoot walking. The variously designed surfaces made of natural materials are exciting. It can be stones, wood, grass, sand, and even water and clay. Bare feet parks offer young and old a whole new perspective on feet.

35. Go to the zoo / botanical garden

Nice weather is also a great opportunity to once again visit the nearest zoo or botanical garden.

36. Play badminton

In fine weather, you can also exercise by playing badminton. All you need is a badminton racket. Incidentally, the Speedminton is an exciting variant (see here on Amazon / AD).

37. Playing table tennis

Table tennis is easy. Anyone can pick up a racket and get started. There are also many public table tennis tables. They are usually located near schools or parks.

38. Take part in a running event

Most running events take place in summer. In addition to the standard runs of 5 km or more, the steep and muddy runs are an exciting experience.

39. Summer games in the garden, park or bathing lake

Of course, there are also many summer games in the garden, park or lake to spend time together in fine weather. Frisbee, Boccia and Strikeball (circular network) these are just a few of the many options.

40. Searching for rubbish

Children love to hunt scavengers. Hardly any other game is more adventurous for children with good preparation.

41. Meeting new people

Meeting new people has never been so easy. The digital world means people are more connected than ever before. Online platforms allow people to meet and engage in a variety of activities. Spontacts is a popular platform. Thanks to the application, you can not only discover new forms of spending free time, but also find the right partners for spending your free time.

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