Bakerix delivers baked goods to order

Rivalry with Gorilla and Co.
Bakerix delivers baked goods to order

The future belongs to the platform economy. Facebook is trying to establish a global monopoly on social contacts, Flaschenpost is trying to expand its position in drinks – Bakerix is ​​now trying to establish itself as a brokerage platform between bakers and customers as a new niche. One thing is clear: servicing corporate clients is also very important.

Mett roll, chocolate croissant and country bread straight from the oven: in Ruhr cities such as Dortmund, Herne and Essen, consumers no longer have to leave home to make these purchases – they can receive goods for their home or business. Something similar is already possible in Hamburg and Berlin, Cologne and Mainz, fresh pastries are delivered at least on the weekend, if ordered in advance. Behind the offer is the start-up Bakerix from Dortmund. However, this does not light the oven itself – but works with regional bakery networks: in the Ruhr region, for example, from Malzers, in Cologne, with Merzenich. “We are always looking for an established partner with whom to enter new markets,” says co-founder Mirco Grübel. More cafes and bakeries will be connected gradually in each location.

Founded in 2021, the start-up provides an ordering platform and ensures that bagels of buns go from branches to customers. With this approach, Bakerix is ​​trying to establish itself as a new delivery service – in a competitive market: so-called quick trade service providers such as Gorillas and Flink are already on the move in many large cities. They promise to deliver a supermarket quote within minutes. The Münster-based beverage supplier Flaschenpost is expanding its product range more and more with food products. There are also deliveries from Rewe and Picnice, in which Edeka participates.

From ordering Mettbrötchen to company breakfast

But the Bakerix team sees enough space for their specialization: “We focus on fresh produce,” says Grübel, who founded the start-up with Christian Chyzyk and Stefan Heyne. While other courier companies often have their warehouses supplied by partner bakeries once a day, Bakerix wants to take the baked goods directly from the branch display after placing the order. In addition to the spontaneous Mettbrötchen order that should be delivered in half an hour, Grübel sees the hearty weekend breakfast as a great opportunity for a start-up. In addition to baked goods, milk, eggs and cured meats may soon find their way to the basket: “We are part of one of the most exciting supply chains in the food industry,” says Grübel, “bakeries have more to offer than just pastries.” On the other hand, the start-up has already ended initial tests with business clients – and delivered extensive breakfast orders to offices and companies.

Sometimes the courier comes by bike, sometimes by car. The start-up charges a delivery fee of EUR 1.80 for orders up to EUR 12. And it adds a few cents here and there to the normal price at checkout. Investors believe in the success of this model. Bakerix completed another round of financing a few weeks ago, with early stage investors Cohors Fortuna Capital from Cologne and Styx from Mannheim. Co-founder Grübel reveals that two regional bakery chains were also involved in the start-up. Together with the first round of financing last year, around one million euros have poured into Bakerix.

More NRW cities in the program

The team is currently working on the platform in the background. “We want to turn on the turbo from the summer,” assures founder Grübel. Cities such as Düsseldorf and Duisburg are set to develop rapidly, other cities in North Rhine-Westphalia and the Rhine-Main region are on the timetable. Once everything starts, the bakery merchandise management systems will be linked to the platform. Each bakery has a list of up to 100 different products – from plain rolls to Streuseltaler.

The technical connection should work quickly. Grübel, however, cautions against growing too fast so as not to overwhelm the start-up: “Scaling must remain manageable.” Six people are currently working on the further development of the start-up, with delivery drivers Bakerix employs about 30 employees. Here too, growth continues. There is also a search for other delivery services. After Gorillas recently announced it would lay off more than 300 employees from its Berlin headquarters, Bakerix responded with a job posting on Instagram: “Great job, especially for gorillas.”

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