IRW News: EV Technology Group Ltd.: MOKE France, EV Technology Group, announces collaboration with French artist Quentin Monge

IRW PRESS: EV Technology Group Sp. : MOKE France, a company of EV Technology Group, announces collaboration with French artist Quentin Monge

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Toronto, ON (May 24, 2022) – EV Technology Group Ltd. (EV Technology company or group) (NEO: EVTG, DE: B96A) announces today that its wholly-owned subsidiary MOKE France SAS (MOKE France) will be collaborate with the famous French artist Quentin Monge.

As part of this collaboration, Southern French-born Quentin will create a range of digital and physical artworks inspired by the heritage of MOKE, bringing the brand’s charming, colorful and unique aesthetic to life. His works embody the pulsating atmosphere of the Mediterranean, where nature, the seaside and the exclusive way of life of the region play an important role.

Quentin has worked on a number of projects with many leading brands including Hermés, Airbnb, Vespa and LOccitane. For MOKE France, his installations will decorate the walls of the Casa MOKE flagship store in Saint-Tropez, making the spirit of the brand tangible. Customers are transported to another world thanks to images of a typical holiday day in southern France. You can purchase limited edition MOKE items specially designed by Quentin.

Willy Gruyelle (CEO of MOKE France), Quentin Monge (artist) and Wouter Witvoet (CEO and founder of EV Technology Group)

We are excited to work with Quentin Monge to deepen the MOKE brand relationship with a discerning international audience. Quentin is a very respected artist and we are pleased to present his works this summer, said Willy Gruyelle, MOKE France CEO.

In each MOKE flagship store that we help to open internationally, we will remain faithful to the authenticity of the MOKE brand, but also take into account local cultural influences – says Wouter Witvoet, CEO of EVT Group. Quentin is known all over the world and his work has a special resonance in France; We are happy that his artistic visions will inspire our first clients in France this summer.

I grew up surrounded by the sun and the colors of Provence and spent my entire childhood watching people take MOKE to the beach. As an artist, I love minimalist brands that have become more than what they were made for. So it didn’t take long before I could identify with the design: MOKE is more than a car, it’s a way of life, according to Quentin Monge.

EV technology group

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MOKE and the MOKE logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of MOKE International Limited in the European Union and other territories. MOKE International Limited (MOKE), a company registered in England, is the only manufacturer of MOKE original vehicles in the world. The brand was acquired by Casti SpA and dates back to the original registration of the British Motor Corporation in 1964. MOKE France is an official French licensee. More information at:


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