Six tips for trips in and around Freudenstadt

Lothar’s path leads through footbridges, ladders and stairs. Photo: Michael Mantke / Shutterstock

No more potatoes on the couch. We have put together a few things you can do in Freudenstadt.

Freudenstadt – Be it a ride on the Kurbähnle train, a visit to the city museum or a hike along the Lothar path – the city of Freudenstadt offers many leisure activities for both visitors and locals – including some extraordinary things not to be missed on.


From April to October, the Kurbähnle carries out its celebrations in Freudenstadt every day. “Please come on board” is the slogan in the lower market square in front of the town church. The bright green vehicle, which looks like a steam locomotive pulling closed carriages behind it, seats a maximum of 55 guests.

The journey continues up the Straßburger Straße through the forest to the Lauferbrunnen fountain, where beautiful hiking trails await passengers. From there, the journey continues to Kienberg, where passengers can disembark, climb the Friedrichsturm or enjoy a drink at Café Friedrichs. Via Lauterbadstraße it passes the Kurhaus back to the market square bus stop.

More information on departure times and fees can be obtained from Schwarzwald Tourismus GmbH on 07441/91990 or at

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Walk under the arcades

If you are visiting Freudenstadt, you should definitely stroll around the largest market in Germany – or rather around it, shopping under the arcades that surround the market on all four sides and form a roof over the sidewalks so that even in rainy weather no one gets wet. Shops, cafes, ice cream parlors and taverns invite you to shop and rest.

Museum in the town hall

In the middle of the Freudenstadt market square is the town hall with a museum that invites you to visit. Everyone who is interested in the history of the city and the district will find something for themselves. The three sponsors of the museum – the city of Freudenstadt, the district of Freudenstadt and the local museum and history association – invite you to a high-quality permanent exhibition as well as special exhibitions.

Opening hours from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00. Admission is free. The lower levels of the museum can be reached by a lift from the Pause Café.

Adventure golf

Alone, in pairs or in a group – everyone can play Adventure Golf, young and old, with or without prior knowledge, without registration and own equipment. The approximately 3,500 square meter facility is idyllically situated close to the district hospital in the middle of the woods at 132 Karl-von-Hahn-Straße.

On 18 individually designed tracks, 15 to 25 meters long, it rises and falls, above the replica of Freudenstadt’s market square in miniature format, via the Friedrichsturm and the large cuckoo clock, over the stream to the island with the Animal forest. Players can fortify themselves in the golf hut with coffee and cake, cold drinks, small snacks or cooling ice cream.

Adventure Golf is recommended for players over the age of seven. More information on opening hours, prices and special events is available on 0163/806 35 62 or at

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Yoga of laughter

Whoever laughs is happy and being happy is part of Freudenstadt. Anna Karina Cassinelli Vulcano is convinced of this. Together with the Freudenstadt Tourismus, the first laughter yoga path in Germany was created from her idea in Freudenstadt.

This varied little circular route starts in the Schömberger Straße pedestrianized car park – just in front of the Laufer Fountain on the left – and takes 3.6 km through idyllic forests and rooted paths. 15 different stations cover a wide variety of topics related to laughter and inner peace. QR codes are included with all 15 landmarks that lead to the Freudenstadt homepage and the description of the respective exercises at the stations.

Lothar’s path

Hurricane Lothar swept across the peaks of the Northern Black Forest in 1999, knocking down numerous trees and leaving a deep trail behind. Along the Lothar path on the Black Forest High Road (B500), visitors can see how nature developed after the storm, without human intervention. The young trees have now grown, and many species of insects and fungi have found new habitat in the dead wood.

Lothar’s path leads through footbridges and ladders and stairs. From the viewing platform, hikers have a wonderful view of the northern Black Forest mountain ranges and the valley.

The path starts in a signposted parking lot on the Black Forest High Road. Visitors can also use public transport and take the recreational bus to the “Lotharpfad” bus stop. The 900 meter route takes approximately 30 minutes. It is not recommended for young children and people in wheelchairs, and to a limited extent for seniors.

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