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Compact e-bikes in the test: train and carrier bikes

Overview: e-bike trends 2022

Review – e-bike trends 2022

E-bikes are still popular. But they are changing. The days of bulky batteries are over. Many ebikes now look like regular bikes.

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Office, campsite, city tour: shorter distances can be covered comfortably with the folding e-bike and e-compact. Five models were tested.

Berlin. Small, compact and practical. Electric folding and compact bikes are the perfect companions for campers, sailors or caravan enthusiasts. Because they take up less space, when folded, they often fit in the stowage compartment of a mobile home, in the trunk of a car or under the deck. But commuters also appreciate the benefits of such bikes.

IMTEST, the consumer magazine of FUNKE’s media group, has four electric folding bikes and one extra e-compact bike tested.

Folding and compact bikes tested: folding, folding, carrying

Folding mechanisms in folding e-bikes they work similarly to the classic variants: you loosen the bracket in the middle of the frame and you can fold the bike in the middle once. Then the handlebars are folded to the side, the saddle is inserted, and the pedals are folded – and the bike turns into a small package measuring approximately 90 by 70 centimeters. Only the Blaupunkt model has a magnet that holds the bike together during transport.

However, none of the tested bikes are really light because the battery and the motor total weight increase significantly. Henri from Blaupunkt, Monza from Legend eBikes (both 21 kg) and eRädle from the Pearl electronics store at 22 kg are still the lightest bikes in the test. The i: SY (25kg) and Legend models are the easiest to lift thanks to the carrying handle that extends from the seat post to the center post.

What do small e-bikes do?

this Range and the performance was determined by IMTEST in the laboratory of the Hansecontrol research institute. Except for model i: SY (mid engine: Bosch Performance Line, torque: 65 Nm) [Nm]) all wheels in the test have a rear hub motor with a torque of 40 or 50 Nm (Henri von Blaupunkt).

Measured battery power e-bike is rather low with values ​​ranging from 245 to 462 watt hours (Wh). Even though Legend’s Monza with 504 Wh is an exception, the bikes cover distances of 41 to 57 kilometers in a range test on a single battery charge. The e-bike from Pearl is definitely shorter with 18 kilometers.

Compact electric bikes: comfort despite its small size?

Due to 20 inch wheels you pedal much more on folding and e-compact bikes than on a large e-bike.

Manufacturers rely on various concepts for switching e-support levels: The i: SY model offers a very easy-to-use Bosch control. Large display shows (four selectable) support levels Clearly. The Bosch mid-motor provides a smooth and sporty start from a standing start. What can not be said about the motors of the rear wheel hubs of other candidates.

A type of engine deceleration occurs quickly, giving the impression that you are braking unintentionally while driving. Who’s next engine support If you want to pedal comfortably, you will find a six-speed derailleur in a test on four folding bikes, while the Jeep model offers a seven-speed derailleur. The compact i: SY has a five-speed hub gear.

So it rides on 20 inch wheels

Depending on how much power the rider wants to add to pedaling, bikes offer several levels of motor support. Although this is the case with most bikes around screen adjustable, on Monza by Legend there is only a button for forward and backward in the form of differently illuminated colors that light up when pressed.

While testing driving characteristics shows that the relatively small wheel size of 20 inches requires certain skills from the rider, for example in tight cornering. With overall top ratings for acceleration, driving style and comfort, i: SY’s E5 ZRF won the field test. But Monza Legend also knew how to impress with good road holding and fast climbs.

Conclusion: These compact e-bikes impress in the test

Not foldable, but still clearly recognizable as an e-compact bike with 20 inch tires, lower frame structure, foldable pedals and quick adjustable saddle and handlebars: the E5 ZRF test winner from i: SY. Less than 3,900 euros is not a bargain, but there are high-quality components.

The application area of ​​the Pearl ebike, which is cheap at 999 euros, is clear: its gross vehicle weight is only 100 kilograms, so there’s not a lot of luggage in it. Its sole purpose is to transport the rider from point A to point B – that’s what the e-bike does.

1st place: E5 ZR F – i: SY GmbH Co. KG / IMTEST seal: test winner issue 5/2022

  • Price: 3,849 euros
  • The name is the program. Despite its small size, it is perfect for exploring the city and for longer trips.
  • + High-quality components ensure a very good driving experience.
  • – Does not fold, therefore not suitable for a car boot.
  • Result: good 2.4

2nd place: Monza – Legend eBikes

  • Price: 1,756.55 euros
  • At 21 kilograms, the Legend is quite easy to carry. It convinces with a good grip.
  • + Top value achieved in a range test of 57 kilometers.
  • – No display to read the support level.
  • Result: good 2.5

3rd place: Henri – Blaupunkt

  • Price: 1,499 euros
  • Practical: The rear wheel hub magnet ensures that the wheel does not come apart during transport.
  • + When folded down, the steering wheel serves as a push bar.
  • – No taillight and luggage rack.
  • Result: satisfactory 2.7

4th place: Fold E-Bike 7020 – Jeep

  • Price: 2099 euros
  • The Jeep Folding Bike is eye-catching with its thick tires, but is also a bit slow when moving off.
  • + The bike feels particularly comfortable on forest and field paths.
  • – Loud noise while driving does not allow you to leave the station so quickly.
  • Result: satisfactory 3.2

5th place: folding pedelec 20 ” – e-bikes / IMTEST Seal: 5/2022 Price-Performance Winner Edition

  • Price: 999 euros
  • With a permissible total weight of only 100 kilograms, you cannot take a lot of luggage with you.
  • + For less than 1,000 euros, the e-bike is a solid travel companion.
  • – Lots of plastic instead of metal.
  • Result: satisfactory 3.5

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