Alec Baldwin: Shocking news of death! Carol’s mother (92) died

Hollywood star Alec Baldwin is in deep mourning. As the actor announced on Instagram, his beloved mother Carol died at the age of 92. Baldwin posted a touching obituary on a social media platform.

American actor Alec Baldwin mourns the loss of his mother.
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Alec Baldwin (64) just won’t calm down. Last fall, an American actor made headlines after shooting a cameraman with a prop while filming.. Now the Hollywood star, known for his role as CIA agent Jack Ryan in the movie “The Hunt for Red October”, has to deal with another shocking news. His mother, Carol, died on Thursday May 26, 2022 at the age of 92 in Syracuse, New York.

Carol M. Baldwin survived six children

Alec Baldwin shared the sad news with his fans on Instagram. He also posted two photos of his mother when she was young and when she was older. In addition to Alec, Carol M. Baldwin leaves behind three other sons Daniel (61), William (59) and Stephen (56), all also actors, and two daughters Elizabeth and Jane. He also has 25 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. As Alec wrote in his obituary, his mother was born Carol Carol Newcomb Martineau on December 15, 1929 in Syracuse to Roy and Marion Martineau and had a brother named Daniel and five sisters: Patricia, Joan, Diane, Louise and Rebecca.

Alec Baldwin tells about his mother’s life

Alec added: “She met her future husband, Alexander R. Baldwin Jr. from Brooklyn, New York, when they were both studying at Syracuse University. family on Long Island, where he kept his Death he taught history and trained soccer and shooting at Massapequa High School in 1983 at the age of 55. Carol Baldwin was raising her children and before her last child was a teenager, she was doing marketing research for a company called Quick Test, based in a local mall. ”

Carol M. Baldwin has taken up her fight against breast cancer

In 1991, Carol was shocked when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After surviving, she and her supporters founded the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund on the Stony Brook University campus in upstate New York in 1996 to help scientists fight the disease. “The combined efforts raised millions of dollars for the cause,” said Alec. He also wrote about his mother: “She spent the last 25 years of her life fighting and defending the cause to which she devoted so much energy. We are all very proud of what she has achieved. “

Daniel Baldwin and Hailey Bieber mourn their mourning on Twitter and Instagram

Other members of the Baldwin family also took to social media to express their horror at the terrible loss. Daniel Baldwin posted a photo on Twitter showing him and his mother while they were alive. He wrote, “We’re going to miss you, Mom.” And Hailey Bieber, Stephen Baldwin’s daughter and Justin Bieber’s wife, also expressed her condolences on Instagram. In her story, she wrote: “We love you, Grandma.”

Fans wish the families the strength of the Baldwin

Fans expressed their condolences to Alec Baldwin’s touching obituary. One Instagram follower wrote: “I’m so sorry. We know how much your family means to you. It looks like she was an amazing woman. comfort. We pray for all of you. ” Another added, “So sorry to hear about your loss, I hope your memories of spending time with her on this earth will carry you through this difficult time. God bless your families! “

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