BriMel on the way: concert with Wonderfrolleins at the Löwer Hall

I hate the hole. On May 25, the local association LandFrauen in Haßloch invited to a wonderful concert with the band “The Wonderfrolleins”. And since everyone is hungry for variety and concerts, this attraction was sold out in no time. At 6.30 p.m., a line of people had already formed before entering 66 Langgasse Street. At the party there was a glass of sparkling wine for everyone on the three-man welcoming committee of rural women Andrea Jung (public relations), Heike Stürmer (secretary) and Petra Platz (band’s contact person) chic 60s styled with rockabilly clothing. Andrea Jung led me to my place of honor. Thank you!

The Löwer Hall was established at the beginning of the 20th century and is a typical architectural monument of its time, it was built as a dance hall with a relatively spacious stage, galleries on both sides, based on the simple but not simple style of the early Art Deco period. Since 2009, the hall has been protected as an individual monument. Due to its size (approx. 1760 square meters = up to 500 people with chairs / 160 seats with tables), it was used in various ways – not only for dance events that were common in the village life at the time, but also for sports exhibitions. When the renovation of the Stary Browar Löwer hall began in 2013, it took a lot of imagination to re-imagine a dark and naked room full of life. Nine years later, the Community Foundations performed this little miracle. And today this great event should be held here.

The polka dots, named in all colors, were a high-fashion trend this evening. The great hall fills up quickly. As soon as you entered, you could feel the excitement of the guests for the coming evening. There were lots of things for a nice cozy night out with bars and of course little things to eat and drink. Cheese cubes in a glass with small pretzels, rolls with ham, salami or cheese, tomato-mozzarella ciabatta and pretzels were particularly appetizing. The standing tables, enriched with tablecloths, are beautifully decorated with spring colors and flowers.

Markus Pacher press release in the announced weekly newspaper: It goes back to the days of Connie and Catarina, the capri and capris fishermen and, of course, home movies and hooligans. Wonderfrolleins is just as colorful as their petticoats performed by Andrea Paredes Montes (vocals, guitar), Lexi Rumpel (bass, vocals), Isabelle Bodenseh (flute, drums, vocals) and Rainer Rumpel (drums and percussion). Music trips to other decades are as much a part of the program as music trips abroad. With “The Mamas & The Papas” we dream, swing with Louis Prima and conjure up the magic of the tropics with Latin American sounds from Mexico, Cuba and Brazil.

At 20:00 it was “full” for reporting. Lots of ladies in swinging skirts – with or without petticoats – seemed to float through the hallway. Mayor Tobias Meyer took his seat at the table of the guests of honor. The murmur of voices was enormous. There was a lot to tell and to laugh at after the long “crown silence.” The hardworking little helpers had their hands full with hospitality. Someone passes me with full trays. But then it finally started. The guests were welcomed by Mrs. Petra Platz. This event was supposed to be during the Old Women’s Carnival, but now it takes place between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. She told a little more about the history of this hall and then passed the microphone to Mayor Tobias Meyer: “What rural women have achieved in Haßloch in recent years is impressive.” He is glad that this room was filled with life again and wished everyone a pleasant evening. Musically, the band not only stays in Germany, but also takes us abroad.

The three women and a man playing the drums took possession of their instruments and we set off. There was no way to stop. Feet tapped to the beat. They welcomed Wonderfrolleins from the boards signifying the world and played songs from our youth, although some of the guests are not yet born. The first dancing couple has already been brought to the dance floor in the “Schöner Fremder Mann”. At Little Party, there was no stepping back, feet were flying and skirts were jumping up. More and more couples went to the dance floor. The whole hall is connected with “Marina, Marina, Marina”. In the blink of an eye you felt 50 years younger, you thought about Goggomobile, vacation on the Adriatic Sea, VW Beetle and VW bus. In the song “I don’t want chocolate, I’d rather have a man” the dancers were noticed because the rhythm had changed. On Lollypop, everyone applauded because it was necessary, given the lively atmosphere. The three girls encouraged them to sing together. It was not necessary to ask the guests twice: “Let’s dance”, “let’s clap our hands”, it also worked immediately and then the dance floor suddenly filled up. It was twisted like crazy. “Beautiful lips must be kissed,” yes, of course, because they are there to be kissed. Soon, there was not enough space on the dance floor for complex elements of the figurine. It was the turn of the texts that everyone in the room knew and could sing with all their might. Then “Tutti Frutti” followed. The dance party was at its peak, right? The three ladies brought a lot of atmosphere to the room. Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Honolulu Beach Bikini required a dance step change that many couples were capable of. Finally, it was possible to show again what you learned in the dance school. Three professional musicians mastered their repertoire to perfection and reviewed music from the German economic miracle of the 1950s and 1960s. What a great evening! (mel)

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