Cry for no reason: what’s behind it?

  • What happens in your body when you seem to cry for no reason?
  • Is it really unfounded?
  • What can you do with crying for no reason?

Is miscellaneous Reasons why people cry. This is often the case trigger known for this reaction and relatively easy to do name. But there are always times when the tears come without being recognized reason flow.

Why are we crying at all and what is happening in your body?

Crying counts as innate and therefore you don’t have to study first. Babies cry mainly to get along attentive to do and Help get from parents. emotional Crying also seems to be a clean thing man property to be. However it is three Various kinds of tears. There are emotional, basic and reflex tears. basal tears wet the eye and clean it to close it security. if you go external influence in the form of smoke, chopping onions or crying in the wind, these are reflective tears. Emotional tears are often an expression of overwhelming or helplessness and will it be ours? mates signal that we need help and encourage them to do so pro-social behave.

While weeping, some will facial muscles, structures of the brain and To annoy activated, causing facial expressions can no longer be controlled. Also language options can be curbed by crying. Crying is therefore a physical cry more complex Occurrence. cultural and social rules play a big role in crying and can influence where they come from Found we cry.

funny fact: Many people also say that you can tell if a person is crying for joy or sadness by looking into the eye from which the first tear drops. Accordingly, the left eye cries first when we are sad and the right eye cries when we are happy. Is there any truth to this rumor remains to be seen.

Is it really unfounded?

Most people will do it at some point suddenly and he started crying for no reason. However, on closer inspection, you can often find it trigger recognize. Is various things that trigger an emotional outburst favor to be able to.

  • Stress: A fairly common reason why people cry for no apparent reason is: repressed stress. If you are long term high If you have a stress level, you can: more sensitive react to certain situations more than usual. And you start crying about it little things.
  • Hormones: An additional reason could: hormone fluctuations to be. These are often made by Menstruation angry. Also taking birth control pills or pregnancies can lead to such hormonal fluctuations that often make those affected more vulnerable.
  • Valve: Crying is one of them too Valve body to give room for emotions when they get too big. Especially for kids this is often the only option. Besides, everyone will cry Understoodindependently from Culture or tongue person.

However, in some cases, crying for no reason can also be a clue mental Diseases be, such as depression. But crying is enough Not it must too other Symptoms are present as well as about one longer Period. In that case, it might make sense if you take a look at yours Family doctor is your Family doctor turn

What can you do with crying for no reason?

Basically, it’s worth stopping crying allow and serious gain weight. In most cases, such emotional outbursts have one deeper Reason. And even if not, it can help your feelings Space to admit. Repressions happen in very few situations beneficial.

People where she cries hormone fluctuations liberated, it is best to know the reason for their “sensible” crying. It should be very burdensome be or too much, you can contact one gynecologist or to one gynecologist Turn around. Whether emotional outbursts on strong tension and sublime stress level assigned should start with the stressors. It might be helpful here if Quiet and find a way to deal with these burdens reduce Power. Reading tip: Reduce stress, strengthen immunity.

If you have to cry in front of other people, so can it unpleasant to be and sometimes ugly have comments to follow. Then it might be helpful if you stick to it rememberthat he is crying something totally natural and everyone innate is. Also, remember that everyone has their own own has limits, and your tears absolutely justified they are, even if someone else sees no reason to cry.

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