FC Bayern Munich: Leon Goretzka assumes Serge Gnabry will get football news

Representative Leon Goretzka speaks in an exclusive interview with Sky about the DFB, coach Hansi Flick, his claims to leadership, Bayern’s departure, transfers to Dortmund, possible midfield and Champions League final competition.

Leon Goretzka on …

… atmosphere at the DFB training camp in Marbella:

Leon Goretzka: “A good and family atmosphere in the team is very important to Hansi Flick. He’s had great experiences with it so far, which can make a big difference to the team. I will meet a lot of new people, so far I have created a great atmosphere, so I’m positive. “

… Hansi Flick’s coach and his empathy:

Goretka: “Limiting him solely to his empathetic capacity would not do him justice, but it is certainly one of his great strengths. He knows how to deal with us and is aware that we are all different and we all need something different ”.

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Leon Goretzka in an exclusive interview about the coach of the national team Hansi Flick, chances for the world championships and competitions.

… after an injury, he sprained his ankle during Thursday’s training:

Goretka: Joshua tried to eliminate his competitor in training. He didn’t quite succeed (laughs). Tomorrow (on Friday; Recorded. editor) be there again. “

… competition in the team in general and for him in his position:

Goretka: “It doesn’t matter at the moment. In general, competition is really very important to us and you can also see differences in training intensity, which I consider positive. fire in it – this is how it must be during training. Competition will definitely play a role as we head into the tournament. Basically, I have a right to contribute a large part to our successes.

… Jamal Musiala and his golf skills:

Goretka: “I need a few more training sessions with Thomas.”

… his claims to leadership and whether he is already among the elderly:

Goretka: “Of course, when I’m on the pitch, I have the right to be ahead. I already said it and tried to implement it. Fortunately, I’m not among the old ones yet, but if you look around, the older players are always less. This is a bit surprising.

… on whether the World Cup title is realistic for Germany:

Goretka: “It will not do us much good to answer this question. First we will play our Nations League matches and we will see that we are making a good impression and can go to the World Cup for free. I have already participated in tournaments in which we were the favorites as we, and we have failed a lot. Then there were tournaments where no one thought about us and we won. Basically, we are an absolute soccer nation with great successes in the past and therefore have our standards in a tournament like this. “

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Leon Goretzka on whether the World Cup title is realistic for Germany.

… League of Nations:

Goretka: “As these are new jobs, you don’t know exactly how to classify them at first. The opponents we have now are much more important. These are top matches at the highest level. We didn’t have that much under Hansi. Playing against the top opponents, so we made a good impression. Now we can prove it on another level, higher. So there is a lot of anticipation, even if the games are not easy to plan after such a long season. But we are in the process of recharging our batteries.

… on what Bayern could improve next season:

Goretka: “We have a lot of room for improvement. We played pretty well, if not brilliantly, in the first half of the season. t on a par in important matches – it was not “Bayern”. We haven’t been kicked out of the Champions League in the last few years against such an opponent. Not denying Villarreal quality, but we’ve got to get there. Overall, this season has been disappointing, but for many at the club it is extremely motivating to do better next year.

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Leon Goretzka lost to Villarreal in the Champions League last season, his personal goals, Niklas Süle’s move and the final in the extra class.

… his personal ambitions for the new season:

Goretka: “The first half of the season was definitely very good. In the second half of the season I had knee problems that I was struggling with, which prevented me from going any further. I want to avoid injuries next season. That’s all. That’s the most important thing anyway, and then I want to help my team even more to achieve their goals.

… rumors in the transfer market or if it says “we don’t read this”:

Goretka: “I can’t hear ‘We don’t read it anymore.’ We already have one or two players with common applications on their mobile phones. But you can’t always take it too seriously. in the ring so you can discuss every personal detail with your buddies. “

… newcomers to BVB, most of whom are domestic players:

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Leon Goretzka on newcomers to BVB, most of whom are domestic players.

Goretka: “In fact, the new transfers from Dortmund are also here with us. It shows that they are doing a good job there. This can be said quite clearly. But I have full confidence in those responsible. We will definitely end summer with a team with whom we can achieve a lot. “

… the fact that FC Bayern’s 95/96 age group is facing a change as Niklas Süle joins BVB and Serge Gnabry has yet to extend:

Goretka: Yes, you can see the changes. Niklas was an important player for us who will leave the club on a free transfer. It’s not nice for us, but you still have to accept the player’s wishes. He wanted to go to Dortmund and that was all. ok. We’ll find a replacement. For me personally, this is a shame because he is a good friend that I have known since childhood. I really enjoyed playing with him. I don’t want to say anything right now about Serge’s possible departure because I think so, I assume he will stay with us. But you can see that there are changes. It doesn’t always mean a bad thing.

… possible rivalry and new transfers in midfield at FC Bayern:

Goretka: – I’m not afraid of competition. I have already mentioned that this is a very important factor in professional football. Friction creates heat and we want to achieve a lot next year. So I would be happy with it and I have full confidence. in responsible persons: “Next year we will have a top squad again. I can’t wait to get to know everyone when it starts over. Then we’ll do it together again. “

Champions League Final 2022 – when and where?

  • Date: Sat May 28, 2022
  • Stadium: Stade France, Paris
  • Viewers: 81 338
  • Transmission: ZDF and DAZN

… the final of the Champions League and having to watch it on the couch:

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Leon Goretzka in the Champions League final without Bayern.

Goretka: It hurts a lot. This is exactly the game we all want to be in. We have to be honest and say we were far from there. Two years ago we managed to charm Europe and we want to go back there. it hurts “to see a match, but it’s been so long since we got kicked out that as a neutral football supporter I can enjoy watching this match. I’m not completely neutral because of David Alaba, so I have to keep my fingers crossed for Real Madrid. to win another Champions League title.

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