Gamevention 2022 in Neumünster: These publishers will be there (update)

Gamevention 2022 scene: Holstenhallen in Neumünster (photo: Banckstudios)

In 2022, Schleswig-Holstein, Schleswig-Holstein will host the second-largest gaming event after Gamescom: The Gamevention 2022 will take place in Neumünster.

May 27, 2022 update: A few weeks before the Gamevention premiere, the organizers published a list of game producers who are represented with their products at the game festival:

  • Entertainment editing (End zone: The world alone, XEL, Gap)
  • HandyGames (The townspeople VR, air head, Die)
  • THQ Nordic (Wreckfest, Destroy all the people, elex 2, biomutant)
  • war game (World of Tanks, World of Warships)

Day tickets range from € 39 to € 49 depending on the day of the week; the weekend ticket is available for 99 euros. Admission is free for children up to 10 years of age.

Organizer Gamevention Oliver Welling from We Love Esports: “Diversity is the strength of the Gamevention Festival. We are proud that this diversity is also reflected in our publishers: from the freelance studio to the AAA triple studio, we have found them

we have created an exciting mix of different games for our audience. We are looking forward to the festival. “

Update February 10, 2022: Almost four and a half months before the start of Gamevention 2022 (July 1-3), preparations for the Games Festival are in full swing.

One of the main themes is the topic of esports, which is also politically supported more intensively in Schleswig-Holstein than in any other federal state. Accordingly, the patronage was assumed by the Minister of Economy Bernd Buchholz (FDP).

A dedicated, seven-person esports advisory board is also to provide technical support to the organizing team:

  • Joerg Adami (Foundation of e-sports players)
  • Dr. Oliver Daum (author and lawyer)
  • Timo Schoeber (academic lecturer and author)
  • Dr. Tobiasz Scholz (academic lecturer)
  • Frank Simoneit (Co-founder of Lvlup! HR)
  • Daniel Stahl (CFO E-Sports Association Schleswig-Holstein)
  • Mateusz Zander (Management Board of eStudios AG)

“E-sport is a very complex and multifaceted topic”says We Love Esports managing director Oliver Welling. “It is very important to us that the Gamevention Festival offers electronic sports content in a way that suits the community and its values. We would also like to focus on topics such as the holistic approach, sustainability and science. “

Message of August 26, 2021: With a combination of esports, a stage program, community and cosplay, Gamevention 2019 attracted nearly 10,000 visitors to its exhibition halls in Hamburg. Then came Corona. For the restart, the organizers are planning much larger sizes – and for this purpose they are moving almost 70 kilometers further north to the town of Neumünster with a population of 80,000 in Schleswig-Holstein.

The Gamevention 2022 is scheduled to take place in Holstenhallen on the first weekend of July (July 1 to July 3, 2022 – at the same time as the beginning of the holiday in the North) – on an entire covered and open area of ​​approximately 85,000 square meters.

  • A state championship is also planned FIFA, League of Legends and rocket leagueand Counterattack– Tournament against Denmark, esports training, lectures and information stands of associations and teams.
  • There will also be a colorful cosplay program with costume shows and competitions, cabarets, comic stations and manga.
  • A large medieval market with traders, jugglers, jugglers, shamans, ax-throwers, archery, Hun camps and riders, medieval cuisine, weaving and many other things, attracts crowds.
  • As previously announced, Live Action Role Playing (LARP) fans can look forward to one of the largest LARP areas in Germany.
  • There are also bands and artists on stage such as Schandmaul, Faun, The Sultan, Batteries of Rock, Gun named Britney, Execute, Abwärts, Ripe & Ruin, Mythemia and Vogelfrey.
  • Other on-site attractions: police, fire and THW vehicles as well as show cars and cosplay vehicles.

Access to all areas is included in the entrance fee. Tickets are already available in advance:

  • Friday or Sunday 39 euros
  • Saturday 49 euro
  • A three-day ticket of 99 euros

The organizer is WeLoveEsports GmbH. Their managing director Oliver Welling is convinced: “We made perfect use of Corona’s two-year break to create a new multiverse for our guests: a new location, twelve times more space and even more themes and content are the best conditions for reaching a large audience.”

According to Welling, the Gamevention relocation from Hamburg to Schleswig-Holstein is also due to the general conditions: “We were welcomed here with open arms.”

In particular, the organizers can count on the active support of state authorities: “The festival offers an interface to economic topics related to digitization, creative industries, innovation, training and technology”praised the Economy Minister Bernd Buchholz (FDP). “Games are an often underrated driver of innovation in digitalisation – which is why we are proud to win this festival for our state.”

State Secretary for Internal Affairs Kristina Herbst (CDU) is also counting on impetus for Schleswig-Holstein in the field of tourism: “It is a great enrichment for our country in the gaming, culture and e-sport segments. In this way, we offer all active market participants an excellent platform to reach, in particular, the young generation and stand up for them. With the first official state-owned esports and digitization center in Germany in Kiel and the esports divisions in the clubs we support, we are at the forefront of this topic. The fact that the Gamevention is now approaching us in Schleswig-Holstein once again confirms our innovation and the prospects we have in this field.

The creator of Gamevention Welling is convinced: “I am sure we will organize an event of special character in Schleswig-Holstein and offer the second largest event in this segment in Germany after Gamescom in 2022. A feast for the young audience and the whole family. “

In addition to the private visitor program, there will be a working day in partnership with partners such as the Reeperbahn Festival, where it’s all about ‘music and games’.

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