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Our exclusive interview with journalist Götz Alsmann from our current issue of the filter. The moderator and lover of Jass talks about her life, love and desire. On June 3, Alsmann and the band will be shown live at the Tent Festival in Lappersdorf.

Götz Alsmann is one of the best in the German media landscape. For several years LOVE for jazz has been the subject of interest of the former talk-show star. We chatted with a neatly dressed man from Münster about his career, his latest album and his (un) fulfilled dreams. In June, you can see the singer and pianist with his band at the Lappersdorf tent festival.

Mr. Alsmann, the title of your new album “LIEBE” is based on the song “LOVE” by the legendary Nat King Cole. The title, however, breaks with the tradition of the previous trilogy: Why was there not “In Münster” or “In Berlin” after “In Rome”, “On Broadway” and “In Paris”?

Because the trilogy is not just four parts … Seriously: preparing old German hits was and is our main topic. And to which now we come back excited!

In your podcast “The Secret Garden of Jazz” you regularly present unknown, favorite albums. As an old jazz junkie, which “gate drug” do you recommend?

The podcast was made of programs I’ve been producing for WDR for almost 40 years. Given the variety of styles, the “gate drug” is something like that. For me it was definitely Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, Eddie Condon and Duke Ellington. But in the history of jazz, thank God, there is something for everyone.

As the “leading protagonist of jazz hits” you combine two genres that can be associated with a few cliche among the general public. How do you see the perception of your favorite music?

Yes, God knows cliche is always popular. We fight with some, we fulfill with some, we overflow with some, and some I don’t even allow myself to think about.

Do you have a favorite instrument? What instrument, which you cannot play, would you like to learn? Is it ever too late to learn to play an instrument?

The piano is and will remain an instrument of my body and stomach. Despite many hours of practice, my passionate love for the Hawaiian guitar remains unrequited, and on lonely nights I dream of learning to play the bass clarinet. No, it is definitely never too late to learn something new. It really gives life a spice.

Her biography is incredibly exciting to read. Military service, studies, doctorate, jazz band, radio and television … Would you do it the same again?

Well … Much has been based on a lucky series of coincidences, some has to do with decisions and some have to do with wrong decisions. In conclusion, there is nothing to complain about.

Question to Götz Alsmann, who studied German: Do you have any recommendations for summer literature? Easy reading or heavy tome?

Especially in summer, I’m more of a volume type. This season, I’m going to reread the novels of Ford Madox Ford, a British writer of Munster descent who gained some fame in London at the turn of the century.

… and a question to the musicologist Götz Alsmann: How much theory and science do you need to be a good musician?

To shake something out of the sleeve, put something in it first. Don’t be afraid of professionalism!

Your website also mentions your membership of the Preußen Münster football club. How do football and jazz go hand in hand?

Football is like jazz: the tactic is an arrangement, making a fortune is like a good solo.

Over the years you have worked with extraordinary musicians: in addition to many jazz luminaries and hits, you have also collaborated with bands from genres that are rather foreign to you, such as the medieval rockers “In Extremo” or the punk band “Die Ęrzte”. “. Which non-jazz artist – dead or alive – would you most like to make music with?

I would love to shake Jacques Offenbach’s hand and sing his couplets with him. (Editorial: Jacques Offenbach was a 19th-century German-French composer)

After a long forced hiatus, you can finally present your new album “LIEBE” live. On June 3, they will play at the Tent Festival in Lappersdorf. What are you especially looking forward to, and what might the audience be waiting for?

Our last show at Lappersorf was simply amazing! Great atmosphere, great audience, phenomenal band – great! We look forward to doing our best.

Thanks for the interview and enjoy the stages of this tour!

On June 3 you will be able to see the jazz virtuoso Götz Alsmann live at the festival of tents in Lappersdorf! All further information can be found here.

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