Another top model from Germany: Lijana Kaggwa’s allegations come at the wrong time for ProSieben – panorama

In 2020, Lijana Kaggwa took part in “German’s Next Top Model” – now there are allegations against the creators. Photo: images imago / Hartenfelser / Peter Hartenfelser

In 2020, Lijana Kaggwa voluntarily left “German’s Next Top Model”. Now a young woman makes serious accusations to the creators of the model show Heidi Klum. The reply from the sender is solid.

When the season 17 finale of Heidi Klum’s “The Next Top Model of Germany” (GNTM) takes place on Thursday, nobody will stick to the traditional 20: candidate Jasmin wants to boycott the ProSieben program. This shouldn’t be due to the zoff wig – Heidi Klum kicked the 23-year-old out early after Jasmin cut her expensive real-hair wig after a famous makeover. The reason given by the woman from Düsseldorf is a YouTube video by former top model candidate Lijana Kaggwa. A young woman from Kassel accuses the production company GNTM of specifically manipulating candidates and inciting conflicts to obtain the quota.

In an almost half-hour long film, Kaggwa claims, among other things, that the creators of the show staged moments that then caused arguments and discord among the candidates – for example, not having enough delicacies such as strawberries. Jealousy for food equals irritation of models should be the logic of the GNTM creators. Thanks to the clever cut and shortening of interviews, some of Heidi Klum’s “Meedchen” would also be styled as female dogs, even if they did not necessarily cause a lot of trouble in a model villa.

“I suffered and was desperate”

The 25-year-old voluntarily left casting in the final round in 2020 because she was exposed to massive social media bullying. “I was suffering and I was desperate,” Kaggwa said at the time. During this time, Klum praised her for her courageous appearance. Today, the natives of Düsseldorf are campaigning against cyberbullying, and are also talking about it in schools.

Kaggwa is not the only one to accuse the show: 2014 participant Natalie Volk also commented, “This show is intimidating and attacking young women.” Volk claims she got bruises after being pushed by Heidi Klum in the pool. She was not allowed to see the doctor until three days later.

ProSieben responds reliably

Lijana Kaggwa apparently already expects GNTM’s developers to defend themselves against their claims – after all, they do indeed have a contractual confidentiality obligation. She may be right. The sender’s response was strong on Tuesday: both Kaggwa and Volk “receive our mail,” said a spokeswoman for the news portal t-online. “So far, there are 340 candidates in the top twenty at GNTM. Some criticize which we take seriously. Others – such as Nathalie Volk – have made allegations that the pool was splashed eight years later that are unfounded.

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The allegations paint a different picture than the one that GNTM would like to convey. Especially this season, efforts were made to serve the “Diversity” trend. There were small, unusually large and old women, as well as candidates who did not fit the XS or S size dresses. It’s about time: since the show’s first airing in 2006, Klum’s model hat has been accused of contributing to beauty and anorexia, and giving young girls the wrong body image.

“We saw it differently”

It should also be more harmonious than in previous seasons in a model villa. 50-year-old Austrian Martina, who is one of five in the finals, emphasized in one interview that “it was about our personalities, not about cat fights – you’ve really seen it often enough.”

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Finalist Anita also wants to feel this season differently than the candidates who are now making accusations. When asked about the criticism, the 21-year-old said to DPA: “Of course we noticed and we can’t judge your experiences either, but we saw it differently and don’t feel misrepresented in what was broadcast.” are because of the format, thinks the Bavarian: “Of course, here and there there is no connection or a long story, but it is no different if you don’t want to show 24 hours.”

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