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FRIDAY: The Danish stock exchanges closed. In the US, bond trading is shortened to 20:00.

MONDAY: US financial markets are suspended for Memorial Day.

+++++ SHARE MARKETS (18:07) +++++

INDEX reading + -% + -% YTD

EuroStoxx50 3 808.86 + 1.83% -11.39%

Stoxx50 3 674.51 + 1.29% -3.77%

DAX 14 462.19 + 1.62% -8.96%

FTSE 7 585.46 + 0.27% + 2.44%

CAC 6 515.75 + 1.64% -8.91%

DJIA 32,977.47 + 1.04% -9.25%

S&P 500 4 129.65 + 1.77% -13.36%

Nasdaq Comp. 12,045.93 + 2.60% -23.00%

Nasdaq-100 12 596.44 + 2.60% -22.82%

Nikkei-225 26 781.68 + 0.66% -6.98%

EUREX stand + ticks

The future of the Bund 153.76 +37

+++++ GOODS MARKETS +++++

ROHOEL the last VT-Settl. +/-% +/- USD% YTD

WTI / Nymex 114.53 114.09 + 0.4% 0.44 + 57.4%

Brent / ICE 118.59 117.40 + 1.0% 1.19 + 56.1%

METALS last day before +/-% +/- USD% YTD

Gold (Spot) 1,854.55 1,850.50 + 0.2% +4.05 + 1.4%

Silver (Spot) 22.06 22.02 + 0.2% +0.04 -5.4%

Platinum (Spot) 957.37 952.95 + 0.5% +4.42 -1.4%

Copper Future 4.30 4.26 + 1.0% +0.04 -3.4%

Oil prices fall into a sideways trend after yesterday’s strong gains.


The Fester-Minutes of the US central bank meeting in early May, which were published on Wednesday at the end of the session, are increasingly turning out to be a kind of letting go of the breasts. Since then, Dow & Co hardly knows where to stay. After still somewhat uncertain gains on Wednesday and dynamic upward move on Thursday, the upward move on Friday is virtually uncontrolled. On the stock exchange, automotive and semiconductor companies with plus signs in the respective sub-indices of 5.2 and 3.1 percent are leading the list of winners. In the case of individual values, business data provides traffic. Dell saw an increase of 11.7 percent after the computer manufacturer announced an increase in profits and a decrease in some operating costs. Ulta Beauty wins almost 10 percent. After unexpectedly good business results, the cosmetics chain raised its forecasts. Meanwhile, the Gap recorded a loss and the apparel chain’s shares fell a good 3 percent. Working time fell by 7.4 percent. The software company doubled its loss in the past quarter. In turn, Marvell Technology increased by 4.7 percent. The semiconductor company was particularly convincing with the prospects. Another retailer, Costco Wholesale, outperformed forecast. The wholesale price increases by 0.9%. The day before, however, it had already increased by 5.6 percent.


Very emphatic – “The risk appetite is growing,” said one market participant. Jrgen Molnar of Robomarkets identified two reasons for the recovery: First, the minutes of the last US Federal Reserve meeting where it announced a “cautious” monetary tightening continue to bear fruit. He also referred to the easing of blockades in China. Price increases have been driven by recent shocks in technology stocks, retail stocks and consumer goods inventories, which have also plunged sharply. On the other hand, energy supplier stocks have given way, as have stocks in the oil and gas industry. They lost about 1 percent. The UK introduced a 25% energy tax on offshore oil and gas production on Thursday. Producers of luxury goods were in great demand. “They are enjoying the hope that the blockades in China will end,” said one trader. In DAX, Vonovia regained 4.4 percent. Goldman Sachs has lowered its target price, according to dealers, but the house reaffirmed the property’s title as “buy with conviction.” Sartorius topped the list with 5.9% of the total. Infineon increased by 4.6 percent. On the losing side, RWE and Eon stood out with discounts ranging from 2 to 3 percent. Henkel relinquished 1.7%, Jefferies acquired a stake in a chemical company to keep Buy. VW shares were also unable to keep up with the DAX index with a slight increase of 0.6%. According to a report in Manager Magazin, software problems in the VW group can cost more time and money than previously assumed.

+++++ CURRENCIES +++++

FOREX last +/-% Fri 8:17 Th 23:00% YTD

EUR / USD 1.0706 -0.2% 1.0754 1.0728 -5.8%

EUR / JPY 136.16 -0.2% 136.35 136.40 + 4.0%

EUR / CHF 1.0253 -0.4% 1.0301 1.0294 -1.2%

EUR / GBP 0.8488 -0.3% 0.8508 0.8509 + 1.0%

USD / JPY 127.16 + 0.0% 126.78 127.11 + 10.5%

GBP / USD 1.2614 + 0.1% 1.2641 1.2603 -6.8%

USD / CNH (offshore) 6.7164 -0.8% 6.7542 6.7657 + 5.7%


BTC / USD 28 760.07 -2.7% 28 660.45 29 492.07 -37.8%

The dollar is not currently in demand as a safe haven given the good mood. The dollar index is almost unchanged.


Firmly – The last minutes of the US central bank meeting brought general relief to the US. Investors spoke of signs that the Fed may reconsider its initially aggressive stance on high inflation. The surprisingly good quarterly results from the US retail sector were also positively received. In addition, there were signs of a looseness in US-China relations. According to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the US will not inhibit China’s economic development. Nevertheless, Shanghai’s composite was lagging behind a meager premium – Shenzhen and the ChiNext launch segment was also hardly changed. The recent gloomy economic outlook in China has now been joined by weak earnings development data for Chinese manufacturing. Post-Covid-19 closings in Shanghai and other cities are taking their toll. In Hong Kong, the HSI rebounded, showing 2 percent more stability in late trading. Contributions were wide-ranging, with Alibaba jumping 11.2 percent, Wuxi Biologics up 7.4 percent and Li Ning up 6.9 percent. HSI technology sector gained 4.5 percent. Baidu shares rose 14.9 percent – overall performance is above analysts’ expectations. The Nikkei 225 rose 0.7 percent in Tokyo – aided by electronics and logistics stocks.

+++++ COMPANY REPORTS FROM 13.30 +++++

New Production Director: Infineon increases investment pace

Chip manufacturer Infineon wants to increase its production capacity much faster than before. “In the future, we will decide on a large investment every two or three years,” says new production director Rutger Wijburg to Handelsblatt. In the past, the DAX group only built a new factory every four or five years.

The ministry refuses VW guarantees for investments in China – report

According to media reports, the Federal Ministry of Economy has denied the Volkswagen concern a guarantee for new investments in China. “For the sake of human rights” for the first time “, the company’s four applications for an extension of investment guarantees” were not processed, a ministry spokeswoman told Spiegel.

ADV: passenger numbers reach two-thirds of pre-crisis levels

Thanks to strong Easter traffic, passenger numbers at German airports in April reached almost two-thirds of pre-crisis levels – and the demand trend continues. Last month, 13.6 million people used airport hubs in Germany, according to the airport association ADV. While 71.3 percent. the 2019 level was achieved in European traffic, in intercontinental traffic it was 61.6%.

Immersion is suing Meta for patent infringement

The American technology company Immersion Corp. filed a patent lawsuit against Facebook’s parent company Meta in a Texas court. Immersion claims that Meta Platforms Inc’s augmented and virtual reality systems, including Meta Quest 2, infringe six Immersion patents covering various applications of tactile effects or the sense of touch.

Reckitt drives sales of US Baby Food Division – Wheels

British consumer goods group Reckitt Benckiser is moving forward with multi-billion sales of its infant business in the face of severe shortages in the key US market. The group launched the company’s sales process last month and the first round of bids was submitted this week, according to people familiar with the matter.


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