Nuremberg: How a loving boy led a young woman to forced prostitution – a guide

– The loving boy forced Sandra Norak into forced prostitution. She worked for him for several years – also in Nuremberg. Today, a young woman has a law degree and fights against the abuse of women – incl. in Frauentormauer in Nuremberg.

The young woman is the perfect victim for her future pimp. Her mother is mentally ill and she herself is anorexic. He has few friends with whom he can talk about his problems. After all, she tries to compensate for the pain caused by this and her mother’s outbursts by harming herself – she was not even 16 at the time.

The youth of Sandra Norak (surname is a self-chosen pseudonym) did not appear in any picture books. At noon, after class, he looks for shelter on the Internet. An anonymous place where he hopes to socialize. And it even works. But this contact will plunge her into an even greater misfortune: forced prostitution.

He spends six terrible years in the red light district – he also works in Nuremberg. Only then will she be able to get out. Today she is over 30 and wants to help other women. Because Norak is convinced, “Truly independent and self-determined prostitution is the absolute exception.”

With her educational work, she wants girls not to encounter the same tricky tricks as they did then: a woman she met in a chat room at the age of 16 makes her feel like a friend, listens when a teenager talks about a difficult situation at home to her parents. What the girl does not know at the moment: the alleged girl is a prostitute and is looking for new girlfriends to work for her pimp.

“It is perfidious that they are looking for particularly unstable young people who have only a few contacts and experiences,” says Norak in the “hot and intimate” podcast of the Nuremberg news. A teenager like her – hasn’t had any sexual experiences or a steady boyfriend yet.

Her fate is not unique

It didn’t take long before her internet friend Sandra introduces a man who is about 20 years her senior. What begins with a harmless online contact ends a few months later in the red light district – a nightmare for Sandra.

Today Sandra Norak is fighting forced prostitution.

Today Sandra Norak is fighting forced prostitution.

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Their fate is not isolated, and the actions of human traffickers are mere deception. The so-called “lovers” lure young girls who often find themselves in a unique psychological situation, establishing a relationship with them. They gradually gain the trust of often minors, manipulate them and ensure that their victims break ties with friends and family.

Step by step, “Loverboys” introduce the girls to the red light district. In the case of Sandra Norak, it is initially a harmless visit to a brothel: her new boyfriend just wants to drink coffee with his buddies there. His message: look, everything is harmless here, all nice people.

That should break down inhibitions in front of those around you. After a few weeks or months, lovers come up with a story that puts a lot of pressure on the girl. In the case of Sandra Norak, the man pretends to be in debt and urgently needs money. Only she can save him from committing a crime – earning him money. Only a few times, it’s not bad at all.

But according to Sandra Norak, young women are “so abused that they are traumatized and broken” from the very first time. Even if he only vaguely remembers some of his experiences from that time, for example with self-defense, he still remembers very clearly the first time with a client. Initially, she resisted the suggestion of her “boyfriend”, who is 20 years her senior, to earn money by having sex. But when he pushes her more and more emotionally, she gives up. “That first time was very, very bad for me,” she recalls today.

From a brothel with a flat fee to an exclusive escort

From then on, Sandra is trapped in the red light district. In the years to come, she will stay in different brothels, sometimes live there, and have up to 20 clients on one day. He has almost only contacts on the spot – his pimp, people from around, clients, other women.

From a flat fee brothel to a high-class escort, she has experienced all sorts of aspects of prostitution over time. Years later, it is important for her to emphasize: “If a woman does not want the sexual act to take place, it does not matter whether it is on a worn mattress or on a rose-decorated bed in a five-star hotel In the end, it all comes down to the same thing.” . Abused. It didn’t matter financially to her anyway. Her pimp takes money from her, which she earns for a long time.

This everyday life shaped Sandra Norak’s life for several years. The resulting psychological dependency prevents women from breaking this vicious cycle. “At some point you completely lose your self-esteem. I felt that I would never find my way back to another world. I thought I was worthless and unworthy of society, ”she says. This is what happens with many women. Because of this, and the trauma that prostitutes experience at some point, it becomes more and more difficult to get out of.

Sandra Norak will have to break away from her surroundings, but most of all from her “lover”. The situation changes only when she mentally breaks down and is taken to the emergency room. Her poor condition makes her no longer profitable for her pimp. At one point he lets go of her. However, this is not the moment when he turns his back on prostitution.

Because at this point, she was left with nothing. No home, no job, no friends. So she takes more suitors to get out of this life. Dropping out of school and missing a CV also make it difficult for her to find an internship.

Then the first ray of hope: Sandra was accepted for an internship at the zoo in Nuremberg. Working there, in turn, helps her get a job as a groom – and thus get out of prostitution.

Today Sandra Norak caught up with her high school diploma and completed her law studies. With this rank under his belt, he has great plans. He wants to help injured women and change the law to protect women in the red light district. Their goal: a situation similar to that in Sweden. The Nordic model was introduced there for the first time in 1999, which resulted, among others, in “No buying sex”. However, only clients, not prostitutes, are criminalized. Because according to Norak: “Women are affected. Most of them are victims of human trafficking and forced prostitution. “

Brothels are always crime scenes – and the Frauentormauer in Nuremberg is no exception, says Sandra Norak. That is why I want to remind men who visit such places: “There are human rights crimes there. And the customer is at stake. You never know if a woman does it voluntarily – everyone should always be aware of this: “It could also be your daughter who has to stay in the brothel, who has to work there.”

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